Namie Amuro x H&M

After 25 years in music, just as Namie Amuro kicks off her farewell concert tour, the queen of J-pop surprised all her fashion fans again by collaborating with H&M as the face of the 2018 Resort Collection. Available from April 25th, the collection will be launched in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. The Namie Amuro x H&M fashion line boasts summer vibes and features bold floral prints with feminine, sophisticated silhouettes. Tops come in at ¥1299, while bottoms range from that same price all the way up to ¥5999. One-pieces range between ¥2999 and ¥3999, while a jacket fetches ¥7499.

The J-pop songstress has announced she is retiring in September of this year, so this collaboration may be a last chance to get a piece of this “Queen of J-pop” before she steps out of the spotlight for good. Mark the date, and we can ship the pieces to you from our Japan, Hong Kong or Taiwan warehouse where the local H&M ships free!