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Bruno Portable Fan

26th June 2018

For us living in tropical weather all year, a portable mini fan comes in handy in all the sweaty situations. How to stay cool from the heat, and also look cool? Here comes Bruno Portable Fan – a cooling and stylish accessory that fits into your bag or pocket! Bruno from Japan is famous for its creative household products which combine form, function and a beautifully vintage, classic aesthetic. With a foldable design, Bruno Portable Fan can be handheld or displayed on desk. When charged fully, the portable fan runs up to 8 hours. The handle doubles as a mobile charger as well when the fan component is removed.

With a Bruno Portable Fan, you take a refreshing breeze with you wherever you go! You can order the fan from ZStore Hong Kong, and they offer free domestic shipping for orders over HKD $350! Become a Buyandship member to gain access to our Hong Kong warehouse