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Walmart Back To School Shopping Challenge

17th August 2018

We don’t know about you, but growing up, we’ve always wanted to have access to the US stationaries to bring to school because they all looked so cool compared to our school’s boring Kedai Buku selection! It seems, it has been going around the internet, now that the US is going back to school, that there is a shopping challenge! Here’s an example we found :

Now, from this video here are the things that they got :

1. Notebooks

2. Colour Pencils

3. Post-it Notes

4. Index Card and Holders

5. Pencil case

6. Water Bottle

7. Stapler with staples

8. Mechanical Pencils

So – can you keep to USD6 for your supplies? Remember – Walmart ships free to our warehouse if you spend more than USD35!