Glow Sticks by LUSH

LUSH has launched a range of eco-friendly highlighters that are cruelty-free and vegan, so you don’t have to ever feel guilty about your glow! The line of Glow Sticks includes five shades inspired by a different bird’s feathers and names drawn from “the diversity found in nature.”

Made from argan oil, sourced from a women’s cooperative in Morocco, and organic extra virgin coconut oil from Nias, Indonesia, the glow sticks are multi-functional and can be used on the lips, eyes, cheeks and brow bone. LUSH will be donating 10 percent of profits to fund social amenities on the island of Nias, so you can get a pretty glow and contribute to charity at the same time – that’s killing two birds with one stone!

Glow Sticks will be sold for one month only on Lush’s UK website starting 20th August 20, so just sign up with us and get access to our UK warehouse.