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Price Comparison : For the Baker

28th August 2018

You know, every payday week we feature items that you can use BuyandShip to get it shipped from overseas to bring it back to Malaysia with our service for a cheaper price! This morning, for all you bakers out there, check out these items and how you can save just on international shipping!

Now, after all that – you’ll save more with the price differences that these items retail for online compared to what you can find locally. We’re also taking this chance to highlight items that has been featured on popular baking shows, so you’ll find familiar names throughout! Check out the prices :

Rachel Ray’s 5 Piece Bakeware Set

TV Chef Rachel Ray is a whiz in the kitchen, when it comes to cooking as well as baking. Now, you know that she will have some quality products with her name stamped on it, like this one!

Malaysia Price : RM 458
US’s Price : USD 40 (RM 164) + Direct Shipping (RM233) = RM 397
US’s Price : USD 40 (RM 164) + Shipping via BNS US warehouse (RM80) = RM 244

Saving you RM 214!

Smart Weigh Professional Scale with Tempered Glass Platform

If you are inspired to bake like the people on The Great British Bake Off, then you’ll know this scale is always used so that the contestants can always be accurate – important for bakers! And just because it is not available locally shouldn’t deter you from using items like in your favourite shows!

Malaysia Price : Not available in Malaysia
US’s Price : USD 20 (RM 82) + Direct Shipping (RM144) = RM 226
US’s Price : USD 40 (RM 82) + Shipping via BNS US warehouse (RM30) = RM 112

Le Creuset of America Craft Series 5Piece Utensil Set with Crock

Le Creuset is known for their generation-lasting pots especially if you are a chef in your own kitchen, but did you know that their pots are also good for baking? That’s why they’ve also released some bakeware items, just like baking utensils!

Malaysia Price : RM 430
US’s Price : USD 60 (RM 246) + Direct Shipping (RM121) = RM 367
US’s Price : USD 60 (RM 246) + Shipping via BNS US warehouse (RM30) = RM 276

Saving you RM 154!

Cake Boss’ 8-piece Melamine measuring spoons and cupsn :

Cake Boss’ cakes are anything but boring. And it shows through their merchandise too. Like this set of Measuring Spoons and cups, are a far cry from the typical measuring spoons we can find here!

Malaysia Price : Not Available in Malaysia
US’s Price : USD 26 (RM 102) + Direct Shipping (RM85) = RM 187
US’s Price : USD 26 (RM 102) + Shipping via BNS US warehouse (RM20) = RM 122

Fox Run’s Marble Rolling Pin

Now you know how marble is a popular item on any instagram flatlay, but did you know that marble rolling pins are also a good thing to have in the kitchen. It is able to maintain cool temperatures well, which helps with the fight between our constant warm weather and essential baking ingredients!

Malaysia Price : RM 277
US’s Price : USD 18 (RM 74) + Direct Shipping (RM553) = RM 627
US’s Price : USD 18 (RM 74) + Shipping via BNS US warehouse (RM60) = RM 134

Saving you RM 143!

Now, you can see that if you want to save more, at least RM511 from shopping smarter!