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Hasbro Toys End of Summer Sale

7th September 2018

If you have ever had toys, or had to buy toys for kids, then Hasbro is no stranger to you.

Right now, if you purchase from HasbroToyShop US, they’re holding several promotions that will help you save a few bucks!

The 25% Off on special deals covers toys including figurines from Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and other popular characters as well as popular brands like Play Doh and Nerf at a 25% off!

They also are having an End of Summer Sale with the codeword ENDOFSUMMER. Get discounts depending on the total value of your purchases – 20% on $150+, 15% on $100+, 10% on $75+ – for items that are available on sale on the site! Don’t miss out on the best deals for you and the kids in your life!

If you spend over USD$49, your shipment will also be sent free to our US warehouse! Get on with the fun!