Did You Lose 5KG?

Now, if you’ve noticed, the Korean ladies do have a way with style, and one of the defining feature is their forever legs. Now, if you fancy getting yourself those long, almost always skinny legs, then you must check out these selection of jeans available from CHUU!

The CHUU -5KG jeans comes with a wide selection of colours and cuts, that suits you and your style. For easy access, we’ve compiled the best sellers here :

-5KG JEANS vol.76 : USD 44 (about RM183)

-5KG JEANS vol.14 : USD 34 (about RM142)

-5KG 1111 super slim JEANS : USD 48 (about RM200)

-5KG JEANS vol.40 PINK MOTEL : USD 45 (about RM187)

Make sure that you have the site in English – otherwise you won’t be able to make payments unless you have a Korean bank account or credit card.