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graniph x Ultraman

20th September 2018

If you are always donning T-shirt, then Japan-based Design Tshirts Store graniph should be up your alley! Founded in 2001, graniph has pioneered a new culture of fusing art and fashion on the timeless medium of the t-shirt. Through collaborations with cutting edge artists from around the world graniph has constantly provided its customers with the freshest limited edition t-shirts at a refreshing price.

The latest collection graniph has launched features our favorite childhood superhero – Ultraman! Various apparel items for Men, Women and Kids, like T-shirts, hoodies and dresses are adorned with Ultraman graphics. Head over to to check out the full collection. Domestic shipping within Japan is free for orders over 5,000 yen, get Buyandship to ship the items back to you at only RM10/lb!