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11.11 Pre-Order Deal: Pet Food

21st October 2018

For furbaby mommies and daddies out there, TMall has curated a list of Double 11 pre-order deals for pet food, place order now to enjoy the savings!

Various reputable pet food brands are offering special price or coupons for pre-order from now until 10th November. For instance, Royal Canin is giving away up to ¥35 coupon, coupled with the ¥100 coupon offered by TMall, you can save up to ¥135. There are also ¥10 coupon if you follow the Royal Canin TMall shop, lucky draw, ¥10 coupon for purchase of 3 items and more on 11th November.

Head over to TMall to check out all the amazing deals! Make sure you receive your purchases from China without fuss by having your purchases sent to our China warehouse, sign up now!