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Black Friday Editor’s Pick – Pet’s Edition

14th November 2018

Black Friday- the long-awaited ultimate sales season that all shopaholics are waiting for has finally arrived! Time to snag the best product deals for yourself, your friends, partner, brother, sister, mom and dad. But wait, are we forgetting another important family member? That’s right, your fur babies! Black Friday sales are definitely not just for humans, you know. Let me introduce you some interesting finds that are not only cute but also useful. Your pets are sure to love you even more!

These days it’s common that we are always travelling – be it for leisure or for work – as it is an ingrained part of our lifestyle. But what about your babies when you’re away? We’ve got you covered with this automated feeder by Petnet. You can control it via Wifi and schedule feeding time and amount of food, as well. The feeder will also display when your pet’s been fed and let you know how much food is left. Now you can leave your furry friends knowing that it’ll be well fed even when you’re not around.

Hmm, but everything that’s been reported is from the machine, I can’t see my babies! I’ve got just the product for you. Tada, the Furbo Dog Camera. This smart device not only allows you to see your furry babies but also has the option to throw them treats with just a touch on your phone and will also let them hear your voice! Now, temporarily leaving them will definitely not be as difficult for real.

Now, since the festive season is coming, your furry friends also have to be all pretty and groomed right? I don’t know about you, but my cats hates being combed and would run away at the mere sight of a brush. But I’ve got you covered with this grooming glove that allows you to both pet and groom your furball at the same time; and to add to all of it, the glove also collects the hair. Win-win for both!

Next to keeping them hair in order is keeping their nails in check. But clipping toenails is a chore I cringe just thinking about it. I mean, one wrong snip and my baby could bleed! Luckily, I found this really useful nail grinder that grinds their nails. This way, we no longer have to risk possible hurting our little baby. Trust me, your pets are going to looove you.

Last, but definitely not least, the festive season means presents! If you’re a Disney fan, there’s no better way to satisfy both you and your best pet with these Disney pet accessories.