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Price comparison: For mums with newborns

19th March 2019

The new baby is here and it’s keeping you on your toes. Transitioning into motherhood may not come as natural as people say. Going out physically to shop for necessities and essentials may also prove to be a challenge to some. Thank goodness for online shopping!

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If you enjoyed our Mum-to-Be Editor’s Picks, you’re going to want to read on for our selection for Mums with Newborns! Here we have a collection of things that you may find handy as a new mum.

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Legendairy Milk Bestseller Bundle Lactation Supplement

Breastfeeding is rewarding but it’s hard work. Some new mums may find it a struggle to keep their milk supplies consistent. Legendairy Milk provides a wide range of lactation supplements (free of Fenugreek!) for all types of breastfeeding mamas. Whether your exclusively direct latching or pumping, these supplements are meant to be legendary.

Sarah Wells Marie Breast Pump Bag (Le Floral)

Pumping on-the-go has become a norm, especially for working mums. Gone are the days where breast pump bags are boring and unstylish. In comes Sarah Wells’ Marie Breast Pump Bag: it’s both stylish, functional and versatile! Looks can be deceiving; this tote bag can be used with a variety of breast pumps.

ALVABABY 6 Pack with 12 Inserts Pocket Cloth Diapers

Using disposable diapers can turn out to be expensive in the long-run for something that has a one-time use. For some long-term savings, you can try cloth diapering! They’re also environmentally-friendly as the diapers and inserts are washable and reusable. As they say, reduce and reuse.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier (Red Dog)

WubbaNub Pacifiers are both adorable and practical for babies who prefer to self-soothe themselves. The unique design – part plush, part pacifier – allows it to remain near baby’s mouth. It’s easy to grasp by tiny hands and can easily be their new best friend. A “safety blanket,” if you will.

Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier (Discover)

Most soft-structured carriers require “infant inserts” if you’re looking to babywear your bubba during their infancy. The Tula Free-to-Grow baby carrier is designed to be adjustable for most ages and they’re easy to use. If your baby is over 7lbs (3.17kg), you can start using this carrier fuss-free (and hands-free!).