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Any Malaysian who likes to shop online will know the frustration of picking out purchases on a Japan website, only to find at the checkout that the store can’t ship to Malaysia, or charge unreasonably high fees on international shipping.

Buyandship’s Japan parcel forwarding service is the answer to this problem! We have our self-operated Japan warehouse in Chiba, which allows you to shop from most of the Japan online stores and ship to Malaysia. We provide our users with affordable shipping rates and free parcel consolidation for you to save an extra 33% on shipping fees.

How to Shop Japan Online Stores and Ship to Malaysia with Us

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Our Self-operated Warehouse in Chiba, Japan

More than 700,000 online shoppers in APAC are using Buyandship’s parcel forwarding service to ship parcels to their doorstep. Sign up here to become a Buyandship member today and get your FREE Japan address.

5 Easy Steps to Get Your Items from Japan

How much do I need to pay to use Buyandship?

To be a Buyandship member is FREE. And best of all, you will receive RM10 free shipping credits upon completion of the account verification! Sign up now to enjoy these benefits and make overseas online shopping more accessible to you.

Our shipping rate is easy to understand – it is RM20 per pound for shipment sending from our Japan warehouse. We only charge based on your item’s actual weight and there is no base charge or handling fee!

Remember you may have to pay for tax and duty if your shipment’s CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight, which means that the import duty and taxes payable are calculated on the complete shipping value, which includes the cost of the imported goods, the cost of insurance, and the cost of freight. Duty will be calculated on the sum of the CIF and the landing charges.) value is over RM500.

Our courier partners will handle the process on your behalf and will inform you beforehand on the estimated custom tax and duty you’ll need to pay to Kastam. Buyandship does not handle Kastam payments; you will need to pay our courier partner(s) before they can proceed with releasing your shipment. Please note that our courier partners will charge a processing fee during the procedure.

Why Buyandship is Your No.1 Choice

Take a look at the price comparison below and discover how much you can save with Buyandship.

*Due to the significant reduction in the no. of flights globally, delivery time may be affected.
^Prices in RM have been rounded up to the nearest whole number and may change over time. For reference only.
Parcel Forwarder Price for 2lbs Parcel from Japan^ Price for 3lbs Parcel from Japan^ Delivery Time* Parcel Consolidation
Buyandship RM40 (JPY1,004) RM60 (JPY1,505) 9-12 Days* Free
le*yif*n RM80 (JPY2,012) RM108 (JPY2,715) 3-7 Days Extra Cost if over 5 Packages
JP*-D*POT RM86 (JPY2,160) RM116 (JPY2,900) 3-7 Days Extra Cost
Te*so RM102 (JPY2,560) RM143 (JPY3,600) 3-7 Days Extra Cost
forw*rd2*e RM127 (JPY3,178) RM129 (JPY3,239) 1-3 Days Not Available

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