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【Exclusive Offer for eBay users in Malaysia】How to enjoy free international shipping from eBay with Buyandship!

30th October 2019

In the early days of the internet, eBay from the United States was at the forefront of online shopping. Fast forward to today, the platform has seen several evolutions, from being a simple auction site to one that serves millions of e-commerce shoppers from all over the world! You could probably find almost everything on eBay now, fashion, accessories, tech gadgets, and even homeware!

We know how much Malaysians love hunting for bargains and great deals, and eBay US is a great platform to do this! Check out the various Price Comparisons we’ve done in English and Bahasa Malaysia for a preview of how much you can save by shopping on eBay US.

MORE GOOD NEWS: Buyandship has partnered with eBay Hong Kong to bring you free shipping** from eBay US to your doorstep when you shop using Buyandship’s international forwarding service! All you need to do is set your eBay account registration address to MALAYSIA. Here’s how:

**Eligible eBay US and Buyandship members may redeem up to 2lbs worth of shipping credits every calendar month for their eBay US orders via Buyandship. For more information, read the full terms and conditions here.

Stay tuned for Buyandship’s tips and tricks on how to shop on eBay US in an upcoming blog post!