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Price Comparison: Panasonic Lamdash Electric Shaver

30th January 2020

Achieve a smooth and painless shave with the Panasonic Lambdash Electric Shaver (ES-ST23). Its gentle 3-blade cutting system and 30-degree pivoting head allow for a closer shave without the risk of knicking yourself in the process. The price of this Panasonic Electric Shaver pretty steep in Malaysia — RM709 from a local retailer.

Enjoy incredible savings when you purchase your Panasonic Lambdash Electric Shaver (ES-ST23) from Yoho Hong Kong for only HK$539 (~RM284)! Have your grooming tool delivered to Buyandship’s Hong Kong warehouse for free. You can then enjoy our affordable forwarding service to Malaysia; you could own this electric shaver for RM320, inclusive of Buyandship’s shipping fees to your doorstep!

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