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Price Comparison: Hatchimals WOW Assorted

7th February 2020

There’s just something captivating about watching unboxing videos on YouTube, especially when its toys! Hatchimals have gained popularity among parents and kids alike as one of the most wanted Christmas presents for a while now. But the prices in Malaysia are appalling and downright painful for any parents’ bank account!

The Hatchimals WOW! Surprise egg is retailing for a whopping RM599.99 at a big chain retailer in Malaysia. WOW, indeed. Let Buyandship help you with getting the best deals and order this surprise egg for a fraction of the local retail price! It’s currently on sale for AU$49 (~RM136) on Target Australia. Even with Buyandship’s forwarding fee from Australia to Malaysia, this re-hatchable Hatchimals egg may only cost you RM197!  Talk about massive savings right there.