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Buyandship Shopping Guide: Go Outdoors UK

12th February 2020

As the name suggests, Go Outdoors is a UK retailer that mainly sells products for outdoor activities and active lifestyle. From experienced mountaineers to dog walkers and their dogs, everybody’s welcome to shop here! The main focus of this company is to inspire everyone to get OUTSIDE and have fun for less. Trust me, you won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Go Outdoors offers an extensive range of products for outdoor activity such as walking, camping, fishing, cycling, climbing and more! Just say the first outdoor activity or sports that pops into your mind, and you JUST KNOW in your guts that they’ll have it. The selection of products is so wide that you will definitely find what you need for your day out in the wild.

Buyandship Top Picks from GoOutdoors UK!

Cycling Gear

  • Did you know that Go Outdoors’ Cycling category is one of their extremely popular categories especially in the summer? It’s also a great way to get fit and have fun at the same time! 
  • Pick up everything you need from your new bike to all the clothing and cycle accessories you need, to all the extras to help maintain your new hobby

Camping Gear

  • Do you remember going out on a camping trip with your family or your school friends when you were younger? Why not relive those memories instead of reminiscing them by actually going camping again! It’s a wonderful bonding and catching up session for the family.
  • On Go Outdoors, you can purchase all the equipment and accessories you could possibly need for your trip. From tents that could fit as many as ten people, to all the necessary equipment including groundsheets, cosy sleeping bags, camping furniture and air beds. 

Hiking Gear

  • If you’re not a hardcore outdoor person, walking or hiking might just be the perfect outdoor activity for you! Hiking is one of the easiest and most popular ways to not only enjoy the finer things in life but to get some exercise too. 
  • GO Outdoors has everything you could possibly need to ensure that you’re fully prepared for hiking! For instance, the weather is certainly an issue as it can change in an instant. It’s vital that you have the necessary walking equipment and clothing and good quality walking boots to provide the warmth and support you need. 
  • They also have a collection of the very best high-tech Garmin navigation devices to help you to reach your destination with ease, along with plenty of walking accessories and essentials like insoles, insect repellents and lighting.

Fishing Equipment

  • From rods and tackle to waders and torches, you’ll find it all in the GO Outdoors fishing collection. They have great fishing jackets and boots to keep you warm and dry throughout the day, as well as a collection of top quality fishing rods suitable for beginners and experienced anglers alike. 
  • They also have a wide range of fishing accessories including bivvies and shelters, replacement fishing reels and chairs for you to relax on!

lightbulb-03Go Outdoors offers free standard delivery within the UK with a minimum order of £50. Be sure to use Buyandship’s overseas warehouse address for access to affordable international shipping. From there, you can send your Go Outdoors haul to your doorstep via our forwarding service, which is only RM18 per lbs!