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Buyandship Shopping Guide: Matalan UK

18th February 2020

Good quality, stylish, well made, cheap and good value for money — these are the words that you’d hear from the fans of Matalan UK. The store is famous for its variety of on-trend clothing at fantastic prices, fit for the whole family! 

Matalan UK focuses on providing outstanding quality and value for modern families. They want you to be able to shop MORE for LESS! That way, you won’t be burning any holes in your pockets. Trust Matalan to provide you with the best quality of clothing and homeware items with the most affordable prices. Don’t forget to click “Add to Cart” as you browse through their website!

Buyandship Top Picks from Matalan UK!


  • If you’re very well-versed with the online shopping experience, you would know that it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Especially so when you’re shopping for CLOTHES! Should you look at dresses first, or is trousers where it’s at? Should you look at shoes before skirts or t-shirts before jumpers. It’s a veritable minefield. 
  • Well, for all you online shoppers who could do with a helping hand then good news: Matalan UK has rounded up all of their favourite items so you can look at one page of clothing excellence.
  • Whether you’re looking for comfortable casuals, smart office attire, chic occasion wear or sporty staples, Matalan’s women’s department provides stylish and excellent value updates for your entire wardrobe.


  • You consider yourself something of a style guru, and we respect that about you. That’s why Matalan UK has set up a page dedicated to fashion-conscious chaps who are looking to add some panache to their already fashion-forward wardrobe! Take a look at their must-have collection and get ready to find your new favourite to be added to your growing wardrobe collection.
  • Are you looking for the perfect suit for that special evening with your significant other? Or the ideal suit combo for a work occasion? Well, sir, you’re in luck! We can’t overstate the importance of owning a great suit. 
  • Whether you need it for a big meeting at work, a family wedding or simply for rocking it in the style stakes when you go out for drinks in town, they’ve got you covered. Whatever your style, you’re bound to fall in love with Matalan UK’s collection of men’s suits.

Character Shop for Kids

  • Is your little one selective about what they wear? If you have a budding fashionista in the making, or for that matter a kid who would rather not wear any clothes at all, keep them happy with something from Matalan UK’s character shop. 
  • They’ve got Disney, Marvel, Pokemon; the list keeps on growing. Keep your kids happy by giving them a little treat in the form of a costume of their favourite characters!
  • If your kid isn’t all that keen on bedtime, then have you ever thought it could be their PJs that are to blame? From newborns right the way through to early teens, they also have a range of sleepwear that are sure to encourage them to put their pyjamas (with their favorite characters printed on them) to doze off!


  • If your bedroom is looking a little tired, then you don’t instantly need to go the whole hog and spend a small fortune on decorators! Pick up a new duvet set and expect to see a world of difference. Matalan UK has an extensive bedding collection featuring different colours, patterns and materials to keep the whole family happy.
  • Have you been contemplating on having guests around, but not sure you have enough kitchenwares to make a good impression? We’ve all been there. If your dining sets have seen better days, then you’re going to love their extensive collection of serving bowls, dinner plates, stylish mugs, and so much more. They all come up at very affordable prices too!
  • If you have guests coming over for the weekend, then pick up one of Matalan UK’s many towel bundles and get ready to welcome them worry-free!

lightbulb-03Matalan offers free delivery within the UK with orders over £50. Be sure to use Buyandship’s overseas warehouse address for access to affordable international shipping. From there, you can send your Matalan haul to your doorstep via our forwarding service, which is only RM18 per lbs!