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Warehouse Arrangement During Labor Day

29th April 2020


In response to the upcoming Labor Day, Buyandship’s warehouse locations will have the following special arrangements. Please confirm the working days and opening hours of each warehouse before purchasing a product. The delivery date will be adjusted according to the holiday and during the rest days, some respective warehouse will not receive, send, or update the status of the shipments. Please be guided accordingly.


During the Labor Day holiday, the service arrangement of each warehouse is as follows:

Warehouse Holiday Service Arrangement Shipment Outbound Arrangement
U.S. Warehouse
Australia Warehouse
Operations as Normal Operations as Normal
Korea Warehouse Closed on April 30 & May 5 Suspension of storage on rest days
Italy Warehouse Closed on May 1 Early in the library on April 30
Thailand Warehouse Closed on May 1 & May 4 Delay one day until May 6 due to huge amount of parcels will be received after holidays
Japan Warehouse Closed on May 3 – May 6 Suspension of storage on rest days
U.K. Warehouse Closed on May 8 Early in the library on May 7
China Warehouse *For health reasons, China’s transshipment service will be suspended until further notice Services Suspended
Hong Kong Warehouse Closed on April 30 – May 1 Shipments to Malaysia will be delayed

Thank you so much for your coordination and patience. We wish everyone a happy and peaceful holiday. Online shop abroad and stay safe, everyone!

Your Buyandship Malaysia Team