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Buy Collectibles and Trendy Streetwear on StockX via Buyandship and Save Money!

17th June 2021

StockX, home to a breadth of brands, is a bid-and-sell platform for sneakers, handbags, streetwear and other collectables. If you’re a sucker for discovering great deals, check out our top pick list below. With Buyandship, you never need to worry about expensive international shipping! 

Why Buyandship?

1.Benefits from our transhipment service

To celebrate its opening in Hong Kong, StockX is offering a discount for all shipments to Hong Kong, where no Customs tariff on imports or exports is levied. In general, it costs you USD 30 (RM124) to bring your goods directly to Malaysia, and it’s triple the discounted price – USD 8.75 (RM36). Get it while it’s hot: it’s available for a LIMITED TIME only!

2. Duty free delivery through DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

Buyandship provides 2 pricing options: DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) and DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). Under DDU scheme, the shipping fee will be slightly lower, but you will need to pay for all duty, tax and fees resulting from Customs clearance. However, if you choose the DDP scheme, Buyandship will pay for the duty and tax if there is no false declaration.



Nike Air Force 1 Low G-Dragon Peaceminusone Para-Noise 2.0

Collaborating with South Korean icon G-Dragon, NIKE has released the white version of Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise”. It features a white-tone painted premium leather upper that peels away and a daisy embroidery at the tongue. Now take a closer look at their masterpiece!

Nike Air Force 1 Low G-Dragon Peaceminusone Para-Noise 2.0

StockX US: $245
Local Market Price: USD 798 (RM3,300)
Save USD 553 and buy here: https://bns.is/3xryorF



Bearbrick x Keith Haring x Disney Mickey Mouse 1000%

If you are a figure-collecting kid-adult, you must have heard of Medicom Toy’s signature figure BE@RBRICK’s. They have blended Keith Haring’s style in BE@RBRICK with his psychedelic illustration of Mickey Mouse. The figure is currently available on StockX for USD 825, far lower than the local market price!

Bearbrick x Keith Haring x Disney Mickey Mouse 1000%
StockX US: USD825
Local Market Price: USD1043 (RM4,300)
Save USD218 and buy here: https://bns.is/35xuEJn


Supreme Canvas Tote White

Getting past-season collections could be difficult, especially for the Supreme-branded items, which fetch a high market value during resale. But don’t you worry about that with StockX and our shipping service. Now get your hands on your new everyday bag!

Supreme Canvas Tote White
StockX US: USD$81
Local Market Price: USD$135 (RM559)
Save USD$81 and buy here: https://bns.is/3xtKgta

Also note that the delivery process may last longer than usual as it takes time for StockX to complete its strict authentication service. This is to ensure you get 100% authentic products.