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Swarovski Canada is Currently up to Half Price Sale!

29th June 2021

Founded in Austria, Swarovski is known to have elegant and exquisite jewellery designs. Popular among women and occasionally men, the crystal product brand is perfect for different occasions. From timeless daywear to glamorous nights out, small pieces of these accessories could be the perfect final touches to elevate your looks.

Although the prices are usually mid-range, we are happy to (quietly) tell you that Swarovski Canada is currently on up to half price sale! We have curated some of our favourite pieces to make your decision a little bit easier!

Swarovski Iconic Swan Pendant

Canada Special Price: MYR 166.39 (CA$ 49.50)

Swarovski Iconic Swan Pendant, White, Rose-gold tone plated - Swarovski, 5368988


Shop Here: https://bns.is/3h36DR2

Sparkling Dance Necklace

Canada Special Price: MYR 233.62 (CA$ 69.50)

Sparkling Dance Necklace, Blue, Rhodium plated - Swarovski, 5479118

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3x5Dvy7

Twist Set

Canada Special Price: MYR 453.79 (CA$ 135)
Malaysia Retail Price: MYR 583

Twist set, White, Rhodium plated - Swarovski, 5579790

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3w5871p

Nice Bangle

Canada Special Price: MYR 284 (CA$ 84.50)
Malaysia Retail Price: MYR 374.50

Nice Bangle, White, Rhodium plated - Swarovski, 5515032

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3x4NjIE

Sunshine Ring

Canada Special Price: MYR 326 (CA$ 97)
Malaysia Retail Price: MYR 329.50

Sunshine ring, Sun, Blue, Rhodium plated - Swarovski, 5536743

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3quPJOg

Stella Watch

Canada Special Price: MYR 636.99 (CA$ 189.50)
Malaysia Retail Price: MYR 894

Stella Watch, Leather strap, Grey, Rose-gold tone PVD - Swarovski, 5376830

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3w34wkn

Swarovski Canada is offering free local shipping over CA$ 120. Find more Summer Sale products on their Canada official website: https://bns.is/36dB3tH