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Shop The Latest Toys From Toys”R”Us

24th February 2022

Let your kids experience the FUN of shopping for toy items like Legos, Play-Dohs, Toy Cars, Dolls, Puzzles, Games, and more in the comfort of your own home! Give them the best without breaking your bank and save more money when you buy directly from Toys“R”Us Hong Kong. Check out our top picks below

Shop The Latest Toys From Toys”R”Us

Barbie Barbie Countdown Calendar

Celebrate any occasion with the Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar and discover 24 days of surprise gifts! Kids open up the Barbie on the first day, and then have a new surprise every day for the next 23 days!

Original Price: HKD 399.00 (RM213)

Discounted Price: HKD 299.60 (RM160)

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Thor Ragnarok The Grandmaster + Korg

Marvel’s amazing storytelling and culture-shaping legacy has spanned 80 years. Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s iconic Marvel comic books and blockbuster movies, these highly detailed 6-inch scale action figures from the Legends series are a perfect tribute.

Original Price: HKD 499.90(RM267)

Discounted Price: HKD 299.80(RM160)

Play Pop Clip Action Game

This mini clip doll machine is like a real game console. Players only need to put in tokens and control the pliers to pick up the prize before the music ends. Through the game, players can exercise hand-eye coordination and win special prizes!

Original Price: HKD 399.00(RM213)

Discounted Price: HKD 318.50(RM170)

Vtech Ferris Wheel Ball Track Set

This amazing color-coded playset contains all the parts you need to create jump-filled jumps, stunts, and even an electronic Ferris wheel! 2 electronic modules allow to reset marble slides or split tracks while playing cool music and sound effects to enhance the experience!

Original Price: HKD 499.90(RM267)

Discounted Price: HKD 399.50(RM213)

Monopoly Monopoly Roblox 2022 Edition

In Monopoly: Roblox 2022 Edition board game, players will need to buy, sell and trade their favorite Roblox experiences including Meep City, Fashion Celebrities, Speed ​​Legends, and more! Art paintings, themes, and game elements are all drawn from popular online platforms.

Original Price: HKD 249.90(RM133)

Discounted Price: HKD 221.50(RM118)