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Summer Sport & Causal Outfit Ideas: YUYU Active

8th July 2022

YUYU Active is a Taiwan sports & casual wear brand. It is popular among Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Their sports wears are casual and trendy which is good for exercise and daily wearing. Also, their clothing cutting is designed mainly for Asian. Let’s get the summer outfit ideas with YUYU Active~

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Sharleen Bell Pant

Nice cutting bell pant, with normal and extra long version for each size, suitable for everyone. Bell cutting takes the advantage with women curves.

Not selling in Malaysia

Taiwan Price:RM219.89(NT1480)

High Rise Basic Legging

Fit and thin design leggings, suitable for doing sports and feel like not wearing it. High rise design is suitable for who is not feeling confident with their waist.

Not selling in Malaysia

Taiwan Price:RM249.61(NT1680)

Zip Hooded Jacket

Casual and daily design, you can wear sports bra underneath for doing sports. Cropped style looks thinner and taller.

Not selling in Malaysia

Taiwan Price:RM249.61(NT1680)

Sassari Top

Special cutting shows your attractiveness. You can wear it for doing yoga.

Not selling in Malaysia

Taiwan Price:RM115.89(NT780)

Cute Fit Bra Top

YUYU Active designed sports bra, it fits different body shape and definitely comfortable.

Not selling in Malaysia

Taiwan Price:RM145.6(NT980)

Note:Price and quantity may change depends on sales, the website details shall prevail.