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Rakuten Supplement: Find Out the Mystery of Longevity!

14th July 2022

Japanese consider health a lot and this is the key to their longevity. Overtime working and irregular eating and sleeping habits are leading to unhealthy lifestyles. Supplement is essential for keeping us healthy and energetic. Rakuten is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Japan. Let’s shop for supplements there and get some inspiration from Japanese longevity. 

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FANCL Glycemic Support (90 tablets)

Banaba leaf-derived corosolic acid It is a food with functional claims for people with high blood sugar levels. It is reported that it works to lower high blood sugar levels. If you have a high blood sugar level, take measures with supplements while paying attention to the order of eating and the ingredients.

Not selling in Singapore

JP Sales Price:RM52.39(JPY1,620)

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s Dietary Supplement (60 tablets * 2 packs)

Contains 100 mg of natural Salacia extract containing the patented ingredient neocolonial. By drinking with meals, the absorption of sugar contained in the meal is moderated and suppressed the rise of the blood glucose level after meals.

Not selling in Singapore

JP Sales Price:RM144(JPY4,453)

Asahi Group Foods Ebios Tablets (2000 Tablets)

Saccharomyces cerevisiae has the effect of helping digestive function and increasing useful bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria, and is effective for symptoms such as indigestion and tummy tension. Vitamin B complex, essential amino acids, dietary fibre, and minerals contained in beer yeast improve nutritional status and help build a healthy body.

JP Sales Price:RM49.7(JPY1,537)

Shining Green Juice (3g x 30 packets)

Obtain enough vegetable nutrients from a cup of green juice. Dissolve 1 packet of green juice in 120ml-180ml of water as a guide and drink.

Not selling in Singapore

JP Sales Price:RM46.18(JPY1,428)

Placenta Collagen Drink (50ml x 6 bottles)

1 bottle per day. Drinking collagen intake for brighten and soften skin and keep youth.

Not selling in Singapore

JP Sales Price:RM62.87(JPY1,944)

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