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L’Erbolario Fragrance & Body Care~ Italy Official 50% Off!

17th July 2022

L’Erbolario was founded in Lodi in 1978. The founders, Franco Bergamaschi and his wife Daniela Villa, have, ever since their childhood, always shared their passion for the world of medicinal plants, and spent days on end in the country fields of Lodi searching for wild herbs. Step by step L’Erbolario products went beyond the doors of the Lodi shop to become widespread on the shelves of herbalists all over Italy. L’Erbolario Italy official website is now on 50% off sales~ Do not miss the discount!

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Facial Kit Red The Colours of the Vegetable Garden

The moisturising beauty routine for all skin types. A practical 3 in 1 facial kit with moisturising cosmetics, ideal for all skin types.
(Thirst-quenching Face Cream, Refreshing Cleansing Mousse, Ultra Moisturising Gel Face Mask)

Not available in Malaysia

Italy Sale Price:RM65.49(EUR14.7)

Gift Box Duo Body Dance of Flowers

An elegant gift box dedicated to the special fragrance of Dance of Flowers.
(Shower Gel,  Perfumed Body Cream)

Not available in Malaysia

Italy Sale Price:RM66.28(EUR14.9)

Body Cream L’Olivo (Olive)

Nourishing and restorative, this emulsion helps to maintain skin elasticity while leaving the skin soft and silky. Delicate and gentle even with highly sensitive skin, it is ideal for the whole family.

Not available in Malaysia

Italy Sale Price:RM57.7(EUR12.95)

Gift Box Duo Scrub Tra i Ciliegi (Cherry Blossom)

An elegant gift box dedicated to the charming fragrance of Tra i Ciliegi.
(Perfumed Body Cream, MagicAction Scrub)

Not available in Malaysia

Italy Sale Price:RM106.48(EUR23.9)

Beauty-Pochette Golden Bouquet

Honey and extracts of golden-coloured flowers, which make the skin compact, toned and extremely hydrated.
(Shower Gel,  Perfumed Body Cream)

Not available in Malaysia

Italy Sale Price:RM48.79(EUR10.95)

Note:Price and quantity may change depends on sales, the website details shall prevail.