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Summer Youngster Outfit from n’OrLABEL~ Rakuten Fashion Selective Brand

17th July 2022

Rakuten is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Japan. n’OrLABEL is a selective brand under ‘osharewalker’. n’OrLABEL is a popular brand among Japanese young ladies. Let’s shop together and get the summer outfit idea!

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n’OrLABEL Ink splash ballon skirt

A balloon skirt with ink splash design that is the point of mode coordination. The discerning twisted drape design makes you look fashionable from any angle.

Not selling in Malaysia

JP Sales PriceRM156.51(JPY4,900)

n’OrLABEL Sheer plaid long cardigan

A long cardigan with a sheer plaid and a loose and rough silhouette that makes it stylish. A sheer material with a light and silky feel. The checkered print is the point of coordination and adds a fashionable impression.

Not selling in Malaysia

JP Sales Price:RM156.51(JPY4,900)

n’OrLABEL Tunic Cut-and-sew Tee

A deformed design T-shirt that looks stylish just by wearing it . The bold slit opening and tunic length that are layered on the asymmetrical body make it a perfect accent for your outfit! The simple design makes it easy to match.

Not selling in Malaysia

JP Sales Price:RM111.48(JPY3,490)

n’OrLABEL Photo Print T-shirt

A T-shirt with an eye-catching print design and fashionable colors. The photo print design is different for each color, so there is no doubt that you will want to mix and match both!

Not selling in Malaysia

JP Sales Price:RM105.09 (JPY3,290)

n’OrLABEL waffle 2way long cardigan

A 2-way cardigan that fills the greedy and fashionable you. it has an exquisite long length, it can be worn as a dress. A V-neck with plenty of adult feeling that can be worn either front or back to make it look beautiful.

Not selling in Malaysia

JP Sales Price:RM100.58(JPY3,149)

Note:Price and quantity may change depends on sales, the website details shall prevail.