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Shop Fujifilm Cameras From Rakuten Japan!

22nd July 2022

Since retro became the current trend~ it’s hard to deny that you know at least one person who owns a film camera. And when it comes to film cameras, FUJIFILM is the superior brand. Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1934, it has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of comprehensive imaging, information, and document processing products. In light of this, we selected the following popular FUJIFILM products that are cheaper in Rakuten than in the Malaysia!

Top FUJIFILM Cameras from Rakuten Japan

FUJIFILM Simple Ace Disposable Film Camera

This single-use disposable film camera is ISO 400 and it comes with an optional flash, which is convenient for taking high-quality photos in dimly lit scenes or at night; a total of 27 negatives are set where once done, you can immediately have it developed. Lightweight, easy to carry, and relatively affordable: it is one of the recommended film cameras for beginners.

Rakuten Japan Price: MYR 59.62 (JPY 1,840)

FUJIFILM Instax Mini 40 Instant Film Camera

This instant film camera is equipped with an automatic exposure adjustment function, which can automatically set the optimal shutter speed and flash volume according to the surrounding brightness. You can pull out the front of the lens to take a selfie (30 – 50 cm) plus, the exterior design is retro and classic, with a leather-like texture, which is both good-looking and easy to use.

Rakuten Japan Price: MYR 378.86 (JPY 11,691)

FUJIFILM Instax Mini Square SQ1Instant Film Camera

Available in light blue, beige, and matte orange~ This instant film camera is also equipped with an automatic exposure adjustment function that automatically sets the optimal shutter speed and flash volume according to the surrounding brightness, making it easy to take bright photos even in dark places; rotate the lens to start shooting, and turn it again to enter selfie mode. The square-shaped design and elegant colors make it more fashionable.

Rakuten Japan Price: MYR 405.07 (JPY 12,500)

FUJIFILM Instax Link WideMobileFilmPhoto Printer

This photo printer can work with a smartphone, use a Bluetooth connection and print out high-quality photos through an app, twice as wide as the traditional Instax Mini, with two built-in apps, “Instax NATURAL” and “Instax RICH” Mode where it allows users to freely choose a replacement. Elegant design, compact size, easy to carry, and USB charging~ This film camera is both practical and convenient.

Rakuten Japan Price: MYR 623.80 (JPY 19,250)