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List of Favorite Music and Music-Related Sites Worldwide

27th July 2022

Calling all music lovers out there! Buy your favorite music equipment and records from any of our warehouse addresses worldwide! Whether you’re an Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Adele, BTS, Johnny, or Shinee fan, you can now find exclusive merch and tracks from all over the world!

Disclaimer: No actual Guitars are allowed to ship due to size limits. If equipment and accessories within size are ok. No stand-alone batteries. Please also note that the maximum quantity for CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray is 6pcs~ it may require an OMB Permit if you exceeded.

Buyandship’s Top Music Stores

Music SiteLink
🇯🇵 CD JapanClick HERE
🇰🇷 All in KPopClick HERE
🇺🇸 AmazonClick HERE
🇰🇷 KTown4uClick HERE
🇬🇧 eBayClick HERE
🇺🇸 Rise RecordsClick HERE
🇺🇸 DiscogsClick HERE
🇰🇷 iBigHit RecordsClick HERE
🇰🇷 My Music TasteClick HERE
🇺🇸 Turntable LabClick HERE
🇺🇸 WalmartClick HERE
🇬🇧 AmazonClick HERE
🇬🇧 Record Store DayClick HERE
🇺🇸 Acoustic SoundsClick HERE
🇮🇹 Hello Merch Band EuropeClick HERE
🇺🇸 Record Store DayClick HERE
🇺🇸 eBayClick HERE
🇯🇵 BTS Official ShopClick HERE
🇯🇵 Universal Music StoreClick HERE
🇯🇵 MercariClick HERE
🇺🇸 Lunchbox RecordsClick HERE
🇺🇸 Banquet RecordsClick HERE
🇯🇵 Tower Records OnlineClick HERE
🇺🇸 BTS Butter Official StoreClick HERE
🇯🇵 HMV Online StoreClick HERE
🇺🇸 BTS Dynamite Official ShopClick HERE
🇺🇸 Lady Gaga Collection ShopClick HERE
🇺🇸 Ben Rector Official StoreClick HERE
🇯🇵 Animate Online ShopClick HERE
🇰🇷 Welcome RecordsClick HERE
🇯🇵 FanplusClick HERE
🇰🇷 Yes 24Click HERE
🇰🇷 WeVerse Shop | Official Merch Store For BTS, BlackPink, and More!Click HERE
🇺🇸 Tower RecordsClick HERE
🇺🇸 Gasdrawls | MF Doom Official StoreClick HERE
🇺🇸 Urban OutfittersClick HERE
🇯🇵 Qoo10Click HERE
🇺🇸 MerchBarClick HERE
🇺🇸 Choice Music LAClick HERE
🇺🇸 Brent Forever Official StoreClick HERE
🇦🇺 eBayClick HERE
🇺🇸 Rubén Blades Music and ApparelClick HERE
🇺🇸 No Sleep RecordsClick HERE
🇺🇸 Nail City RecordClick HERE
🇭🇰 Desperate Infant RecordsClick HERE
🇺🇸 Shuga RecordsClick HERE
🇯🇵 Cat-Fish RecordsClick HERE
🇰🇷 KPop MartClick HERE
🇬🇧 Wolf Alice Official StoreClick HERE
🇬🇧 Vinyl TapClick HERE
🇨🇦 AmazonClick HERE
🇺🇸 Deep DiscountClick HERE
🇺🇸 Rough TradeClick HERE
🇰🇷 11st KoreaClick HERE
🇬🇧 What RecordsClick HERE
🇺🇸 MerchNowClick HERE
🇺🇸 KPop StoreClick HERE
🇺🇸 AstronordClick HERE
🇰🇷 SM Global ShopClick HERE
🇯🇵 RakutenClick HERE
🇺🇸 Matador Records StoreClick HERE
🇯🇵 Mu-Mo Net ShopClick HERE
🇺🇸 8123 Music StoreClick HERE
🇰🇷 Dear My MuseClick HERE
🇰🇷 Apple MusicClick HERE
🇬🇧 Newbury Comics StoreClick HERE
🇰🇷 Hello 82 ShopClick HERE
🇺🇸 The Mars Volta BandcampClick HERE
🇺🇸 Mobe Fidelity Sound LabClick HERE
🇦🇺 Lorde Music StoreClick HERE
🇯🇵 Book-Off Online ShopClick HERE
🇺🇸 Love and Power | Halsey ShopClick HERE
🇯🇵 Suruga-YaClick HERE
🇮🇹 Wallflower MerchClick HERE
🇺🇸 Victory RecordsClick HERE
🇰🇷 WithdramaClick HERE
🇺🇸 White Noise RecordsClick HERE
🇰🇷 YG SelectClick HERE
🇺🇸 Hayley Williams Music StoreClick HERE
🇺🇸 Polyvinyl RecordsClick HERE
🇦🇺 Discrepancy Records Click HERE
🇬🇧 Juno RecordsClick HERE
🇯🇵 AmazonClick HERE
🇰🇷 SubK ShopClick HERE
🇮🇹 Coldplay Music StoreClick HERE
🇭🇰 With FansClick HERE
🇺🇸 TargetClick HERE
🇯🇵 Stella WorthClick HERE
🇺🇸 Coldplay Music StoreClick HERE
🇯🇵 GamersClick HERE
🇬🇧 Coldplay Music StoreClick HERE
🇰🇷 Itzy ShopClick HERE
🇯🇵 MelonbooksClick HERE
🇺🇸 BandcampClick HERE
🇺🇸 Underdog RecordsClick HERE
🇬🇧 Oh Wonder Music StoreClick HERE
🇭🇰 CarousellClick HERE
🇺🇸 The Script Music StoreClick HERE
🇺🇸 Barnes and NobleClick HERE
🇬🇧 Lady Gaga Music StoreClick HERE
🇦🇺 Vinyl DestinationClick HERE
🇺🇸 The Sound of VinylClick HERE
🇺🇸 Ed Sheeran Music StoreClick HERE
🇹🇭 LazadaClick HERE
🇺🇸 Plaid Rooms RecordsClick HERE
🇺🇸 The War on Drugs Music StoreClick HERE
🇺🇸 Square Cat Vinyl Online StoreClick HERE
🇬🇧 The Sound of VinylClick HERE
🇺🇸 Bruno Mars Music StoreClick HERE
🇬🇧 Little Mix Music StoreClick HERE
🇺🇸 Magnolia Record StoreClick HERE
🇺🇸 Rihanna Music StoreClick HERE
🇺🇸 Vinyl Me PleaseClick HERE
🇺🇸 Saddle CreekClick HERE
🇯🇵 NijisanjiClick HERE
🇯🇵 Sony Music ShopClick HERE
🇰🇷 DMC MusicClick HERE
🇬🇧 Adele Music StoreClick HERE
🇺🇸 Toad HallClick HERE
🇺🇸 RetroSpektClick HERE
🇬🇧 Declan McKennaClick HERE
🇺🇸 Covert VinylClick HERE
🇺🇸 Rollin RecordsClick HERE