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Give you the most skin-friendly care~ Collection of Japanese towels~

13th September 2022

Towels are a must-have item in everyone’s life, but we often ignore the importance of high-quality towels and only care about convenience. We collected five Japanese-made pure products for you. The quality of cotton towels is guaranteed. “imabari Towel” is very popular among Buyandship members. as it is soft and the price is also affordable. In addition, the exchange rate of the Yen continues to fall. There is no best deal, only a better deal! Let’s check out the Collection of Japanese Towels!

Hiroie “imabari Towel” (2 pcs)

This solid-coloured towel is fluffy and soft, highly absorbent and quick-drying, and the colours are versatile and beautiful.

Colour: white, green, beige, pink, purple, brown, light grey
Size: about 60 x 120 cm
Material: 100% Cotton

Rakuten discounted price:MYR88 (JPY2,800)

Hayashi Pattern “imabari Towel”

The size of this towel is moderate. It is suitable for use as a face towel or when going out, and the pattern is elegant and beautiful, giving people a noble and generous feeling.

Colour: pink with white, powder blue with white, light purple with white
Size: about 34 x 35 cm
Material: 100% Cotton

JP Amazon price:MYR16 (JPY527)

Cotton Town Colorblock Striped “imabari Towel” (2pcs)

This towel has a classic striped design, a stylish and attractive appearance, plus skin-friendly cotton, and you can buy two bath towel-sized towels at this price, which is a cost-effective product.

Colour: grey and white colour matching
Size: about 60 x 120 cm
Material: 100% Cotton

Rakuten discounted price:MYR67 (JPY2,140)

Prairie Dog Pattern Square Towel

Although this towel is different from the above, it is not a verified “Imabari towel”, but it is also made of 100% cotton, and the patterns are interesting, cute and diverse.

Colour options: a total of 60 different colour patterns to choose from
Size: about 24 x 24 cm
Material: 100% Cotton

Rakuten Price:MYR20 (JPY650)