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Best-selling bed for your pets! Recommendation of 5 popular pet mattresses with different functions

23rd September 2022

A good night’s sleep is essential for humans, but it is also crucial for pets: we sleep about 6-8 hours a day, while dogs typically sleep 12-14 hours a day, cats 16 or even 20 hours, and fur babies Brain function can be improved through sleep, good sleep can help with learning, normal brain development and even healthier ageing. In addition to adequate sleep time, good sleep quality is also a part that cannot be ignored. So, as owners, how can we improve the sleep quality of our pets?

The easiest way is to provide a good bed for pets. In addition to being comfortable and soft, an honestly “good” bed has different functions and can offer various benefits to furry children. We have collected 5 popular pet mattresses with different functions for you. Let’s take a look and choose a bed according to your pets’ needs.

Sealy Lux Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

Provide your canine friend with the comfort they deserve with this wonderful Sealy Memory Foam Dog Bed. This durable bed features Cooling Energy Gel to keep your dog cool, and actually conforms to their body shape for added comfort. In addition, its make-up provides odor control for freshness as well as comfort. When it comes time to rest and relax, your dog will love doing so on this amazing bed.

US Sealy Price:MYR453 – 915(USD99.99 – 199.99)【Price depends on size】

Cat Mote Cat Toy, Slice-picked Toy, Sheet

This cat relaxation cloth contains 3 kinds of plant ingredients, including catnip and silver vine, which can help cats to entertain and relieve stress, and even have a good sleep effect; made with the brand’s unique stamping technology, it will not scatter powder when playing, and has passed the skin irritation test, which can be used by cats and cats with peace of mind~

JP Amazon discounted price:MYR12(JPY401)

NITORI Pet Sleeping Mat, N Cool Super N Cool Double Super Cool Towel Included

This mattress has a soft texture and a cool surface layer, allowing pets to relax and rest in hot weather without being stuffy. There is a cushion in one corner, which is convenient for fur children to rest and sleep more peacefully~ There are also L size options~

JP Amazon discounted price:MYR105(JPY1,900)

dfang pet bean bag sofa

It contains high-density, high-supporting force, environmentally friendly EPP particles, which are not easy to squash. It can be adjusted freely according to the pet’s sleeping position, providing a comfortable and fullness for pets.

KR Gmarket discounted price:MYR191(KRW59,000)

Iris Ohyama PCSB-22S Pet Bed, Cool Bed, For Summer, Cool Touch, Cushion

An excellent square sofa bed made of cool-to-the-touch fabrics. The smooth material prevents stuffiness and provides a comfortable sleeping experience. The cushions are soft, and the edges of the sofa are slightly firmer so that the hairy child can rest his head or chin and fall asleep peacefully. Different sizes are available~

JP Amazon price:MYR49(JPY1,535)