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[Yen Exchange Rate Hits Record Low] The Best Time to Shop Online in Japan! 21 Popular Japanese Online Stores You Need to Know!

19th October 2022


The exchange rate of Japanese Yen is at a new low at the moment, and now it is the best time to buy Japanese brands online! Even though entry into Japan is open for foreign tourists, there’re still rules regarding vaccinations and prior testing requirements imposed – not everyone can travel to Japan right now. Airfare to Japan is sky-high these days because of Covid-19. But the good news is, you can now take advantage of the low yen exchange rate and shop on Japanese websites to get the products you want for the best prices possible. You can save a lot of money from doing so! 

Where and How to buy from popular Japanese Online Stores? Our editor has handpicked 21 popular Japanese online stores for you at one time, whether it is trendy clothing or Japanese household items, there will be something that suits your needs!

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Popular Japanese Online Shopping Sites That Might Interest You…

rakuten japan

Japan’s largest and most comprehensive online shopping platform, with more than 50,000 local Japanese stores, with a total of more than 10 million product content. Apart from shopping, there are free markets, auctions and more. Although Rakuten Market only provides a Japanese interface, users from overseas can use Google Translate Tool to translate pages, and use our forwarding service to transfer goods from Japanese warehouses to your home.

amazon japan

Amazon JAPAN

Amazon’s Japanese website, one of the largest online stores in the world. It has a wide variety of goods in stock, from books, clothing to toys, with all kinds of new and quirky things which you can buy easily.

GRL japan


An online shopping platform for women’s clothing that is worth buying. The pricing is mostly between 1,000 to 2,000 yen – you’re probably able to buy a shirt for about MYR72! You can find all kinds of Japanese-style clothing on GRL, whether it is sweet, cute or mature styles.

*Tips: American Express Credit Card is recommended to use for payment.

Freak's store


Japan’s popular FREAK’S STORE has long been the first choice for Japanese climbers and anyone who loves going on a hike. Its online store is like its physical store, which also includes all kinds of items including men’s and women’s clothing. The brand’s clothing is mostly featured in tooling, outdoor and other styles, and adopts “American casual” from a Japanese perspective.

*Tips: Some of the brands might need Japan VPN to purchase.

rakuten fashion

Rakuten Fashion

Japan’s largest online shopping platform for fashion apparel, with a collection of more than 1,100 popular fashion brands including famous ones like Earth Music & Ecology, BEAMS, SISLEY and other Japanese brands are all available. The platform often offers huge discounts. Those who like Japanese clothing must not miss it!

asics japan


A well-known Japanese sports brand, and the first choice of sports shoes for many athlete! In addition to high-performance competitive running shoes, there are also fashionable and easy-to-wear casual shoe styles to choose from. ASICS insists on producing sports shoes with high-tech and high-quality standards, and has developed a number of patents so far.

bape pirate

Bape Pirate Store

The subsidiary line of the Japanese trendy brand “A Bathing Ape” but operates in the form of Outlet – the price point in general is lower than that of A Bathing Ape. The price of a men’s long-sleeved tee is only MYR220! Definitely a bargain!



A Japanese national brand and we’re sure you have already heard about it! The designs are all simple yet minimalist, emphasises on the comfort of clothes with a fair price points.

oriental traffic

ORiental TRaffic

A popular women’s shoe brand loved by Japanese girls. The brand is known for its variety of colours, styles and comfort, whether it is high-heeled shoes for work, or flat shoes or boots for daily wear, you will definitely be able to find something you like there!

murai japan

Marui OlOl, 0101

A fashion department store that must be visited if you’re travelling to Japan! It mainly sells fashion, as well as furniture, miscellaneous goods, glasses, gemstones and more. The online store also offers a plethora of the latest Japanese fashion, so if you want to keep up with Japanese trends, visit Marui Department Store!

nishimatsuya children clothing


A well-known Japanese children’s clothing brand, offering different styles including cute, sweet, fashionable, elegant styles and more. There are some unique hat accessories, so that parents can dress up their children with the best outfit for almost every occasion. The clothing is all reasonably-priced, and it will never hurt to buy more sets for children! There are also maternity clothing that are comfortable and stylish for any mom-to-be!

porter japan

Porter Tokyo

PORTER bags are popular among the trendy people, now you can buy Porter’s bags on Yoshida & Co even if you can’t travel to Japan to buy it from its official stores. Yoshida & Co’s online store has a wide range of styles, including handbags, wallets, rucksacks, loose paper bags, camera bags, business bags, and more.

make up solution

Make Up Solution

A collection of popular Japanese makeup brands, such as CANMAKE, excel, CEZANNE etc! With a large range of product styles, even Japanese seasonal limited products are also on sale, the price on this site is the same as in the Japanese store, you wouldn’t want to miss this if you love using Japanese makeup products!

disney japan

shop Disney Japan

Japan’s Disney products are the most exquisite, and it’s often more expensive to buy Disney merchandise from other third party sites. It is most cost-effective to buy them on the Japanese official website, and you don’t have to worry about fighting with others to snap up!

plaza japanese beauty


Plaza is a large chain grocery store in Japan, where you can buy all kinds of boutique groceries, as well as the latest Japanese beauty products, and many of them are sold exclusively on the online store! 



A popular stationery grocery store in Japan, specialising in Japanese and Nordic groceries. Whether it is stationery or household items, everything gives a Japanese vibe. If you like cute Japanese stationery, be sure not to miss out!

belle maison japan

Belle Maison

Anyone who likes Disney must know or have heard about Belle Maison, an online store. They have launched a variety of Disney home products, ranging from bed sheets, rugs, curtains, storage supplies and more, and you can always find new styles on the shelves!



Did you know that popular Japanese cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pudding Dog, Little Twin Stars are all from Sanrio? The prices of local boutiques are high, but now you can get them with a more reasonable and cost-effective price through ordering directly on the Japanese official website! You can also get the latest products here!



The Japanese online store of Pokémon sells different kinds of game cards, peripheral products etc. The price is much cheaper than buying from other places!



Popular characters such as Rilakkuma and corner creatures are all from San-x. Like Sanrio, San-x’s products are expensive if buy outside of Japan, and there aren’t a lot of styles to choose from. But now you can order from San-x Japan for more styles, and perhaps cheaper!

asai shoten

Asai Shoten

A well-known contemporary baking accessories brand in Japan, mainly producing and selling baking utensils. The workmanship and materials of the baking moulds are excellent and detailed, and authentically made in Japan. You must not miss it if you like cooking and making desserts!

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