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Get ready for the World Cup! Keep up with the famous coffee brands in various regions in one article, and cheer for your beloved team!

7th November 2022

An international event held every four years – the World Cup will finally officially start on the 21st of this month! In order to support the beloved team, it is nothing at all to stay in front of the TV or computer all night! However, after being through a busy routine the whole day, you must be exhausted! At this time, you need a cup of fragrant and delicious Coffee to recharge yourself, so you can watch the game and support your team at your best! We have sorted out several popular coffee brands in different regions. If you are a coffeeholic, let’s continue reading and get ready for the World Cup~

– Japan、Korea –


LiLo Coffee Roasters

From Osaka, the name concept is based on “LIVE” and “LOVE”, which means that the days of having coffee are colorful, and its design packaging is like a piece of art, which makes people want to collect it! The brand is recommended by Big 7 Travel as one of the “Top 50 Best Coffee Shops in Asia”.


Maruyama Coffee

World champion coffee from Karuizawa, with exclusive roasting technology to maximize the flavour of coffee beans. In addition to coffee beans with different roasting degrees, the classic “1991 Reissue” is also highly recommended!


Misuzu Coffee

Hokkaido’s most historic coffee, was initially called “Suzuki Coffee”. They only use raw beans in their store and bake them immediately after placing the order. The baking time is written on the packaging, so they are absolutely fresh!

Coffee Style

Coffee Style UCC

Under the coffee brand “UCC”, the CAFE@HOME series is packaged in a small and exquisite package, super like chocolate or dessert, and a small packet is the amount of a cup of coffee. The brand also often co-branded various super-popular characters to launch limited coffee and merchandise.

Fritz Coffee

Fritz Coffee Company

From Seoul, South Korea, he has considerable influence in the local coffee industry, and the unique “retro style” can be seen everywhere, from the design to the packaging. Old Dog, Everything Good and Seoul Cinema are their signature blends.

– United States、United Kingdom、Australia

Onyx Coffee Lab

Onyx Coffee Lab

American champion coffee brand insists on using very light roast processing coffee. The quality of the planting place, altitude, method, etc., greatly influence the coffee beans themselves, but this brand wants to bring out the original taste of these beans through this roasting method.


Colonna Coffee

Produced by three British coffee masters, many local coffee shops also buy from them. Its coffee beans are mainly light roasted, and the three more famous series are Foundation, Discovery and Rare, all of which are independently cooperated with coffee estates to ensure the uniqueness of their coffee flavours.



When it comes to speciality coffee in Melbourne, ST. ALi is definitely one of them. They are also one of the four major coffee bean suppliers in Australia. Their coffee likes to add different elements to break through the taste buds. The more famous three styles are Orthodox, Feels Good and Wild Awake.