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How to Shop on Amazon US and Ship to Malaysia? Step-by-step Shopping Tutorial Included

19th December 2022

How to Shop on Amazon US and Ship to Malaysia

Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace where you can shop almost anything from electronics, books, beauty, fashion, home items, baby products, to even big brands! If you have never shopped online on Amazon or used parcel forwarding service before, this step-by-step shopping tutorial is for you! Follow these easy steps and start shopping on Amazon and send your purchases to Buyandship’s overseas warehouses! All Amazon online sites are basically the same, thus, with this tutorial you will be able to shop on any Amazon!


Why Shop From Global Amazon?
List of Different Amazon Sites
Step-by-step Shopping Tutorial

Benefits of Global Amazon Shopping

  1. Oversea online shopping from 6 major countries allows you to buy anything from your favorite brands at the lowest price you can find or with good discounts .

  2. Wider variety and range of products are available, some of them are not able to find in Malaysia.

  3. Keep up and take advantage of every foreign shopping events or seasons, such as Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day and more where you can grab great deals!

List of Amazon Sites You Can Shop On!

  1. Amazon US
  2. Amazon UK
  3. Amazon Japan
  4. Amazon Italy
  5. Amazon Canada
  6. Amazon Australia

💡 Tips : Use Google Translate for easier navigation if you wish to shop on Amazon Italy site!

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Shop on Amazon in Malaysia

– Sign In or Create an Amazon Account –

Amazon US Tutuorial: Create Account

Step 1:Sign into your Amazon account, or create a new one by clicking “Create Your Amazon Account” if you’re new to Amazon.

Amazon US Tutuorial: Sign Up

Step 2:Fill in your name, email, create a password and click “continue”.

Amazon US Tutuorial: Verify Account

Step 3:Verify your Amazon account with the verification code sent to your email, and you’re all set!

💡 Tips : It’s free of charge to create an account on Amazon for easier and convenient shopping! You will get invited to try their fast and free delivery with Amazon Prime Trial month. But don’t forget to cancel your Prime membership within the first month if you don’t want to get charged each month!

– Start Browsing and Shopping –

Amazon US Tutuorial : Browsing Website

Step 1 : You can browse at Amazon by category (Click “All” on the top left corner and scroll down to reach “Shop By Department”) or by entering your item of choice (any brand, product category or specific product) into the search box above.

💡 Tips : As many of the good deals only ship to the U.S. address, remember to enter the zip code of Buyandship’s US warehouse by clicking “Deliver to” on top left corner in order to see all the products!

Step 2 : If you wish to buy an item, click “Add to cart” if you want to continue to shop or browse for alternatives, or click “Buy now” if you want to check out and pay for your item immediately.

Amazon US Tutuorial : Add to Cart
Amazon US Tutuorial : Fill in shipping address

Step 3 : Once you’re ready to checkout for your items, go to your cart on top right corner.

Fill in delivery address. Go to the “Overseas Warehouse Address” on your Buyandship member centre and view the information of Buyandship’s US warehouse. Click “Use this address” to proceed.

Step 4 : Choose your payment method, add a credit or debit card information to pay.

Amazon US Tutuorial : Add payment method
Amazon US Tutuorial : Review and place order

Step 5 : After entering the payment page, confirm your order information. Click “Continue to application” to submit the order.

Step 6 : Remember to declare your shipments at your Buyandship member centre once you’ve received the shipping confirmation email from Amazon!

💡Click to learn more about Buyandship’s Parcel Forwarding Process

Amazon US Tutuorial : Declare shipment after receiving tracking number