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Get a Fanatec Racing Simulator from Japan at 50% Cheaper and Become the King of the Touge!

5th December 2023
Get a Fanatec Racing Simulator from Japan at 50% Lower & Become the King of the Touge!

Whether you’re a GT or a Forza fan, you should get a set of Fanatec – the leading brand in sim racing equipment! Fanatec has revolutionized sim racing with innovations like force feedback steering wheels and provides a more realistic feel than handheld controllers, allowing you to experience the realm of drifting.

Follow our guide to navigate the Japan website, where you can get the components at a more budget-friendly price compared to local options. In case of stock shortages, you can also purchase on their Europe website!

Must-Buy Fanatec Racing Simulators


Fanatec – Gran Turismo DD Pro(5NM)

Enhance Your PS5 Gaming Experience with Fanatec Direct Drive Technology! The high-precision, contactless Hall sensors in both throttle and brake pedals ensure accuracy and durability to deliver a true-to-life driving sensation even recognized by professional racers.

*Only for PS5 & PS4

MY Price:RM5,500

JP Price:RM2,943.79(JPY92,900)


Fanatec – ClubSport Shifter SQ V.1.5

Don’t Miss the Shifter for the Ultimate Racing Setup! Crafted from metal and offering 7 speeds akin to the Porsche 911, the shifter supports both H-pattern and sequential modes to enhance driving flexibility for unleashing your drifting skills!

MY Price:RM2,450

JP Price:RM915.78(JPY28,900


Fanatec – Clubsport Pedals V3

Featuring customized load cell sensors, these highest level Racing Sim Pedals immerse you in a lifelike automotive feel by applying real pressure and precisely control the brakes with muscle tension. The redesigned pedals even offer adjustable angles!

MY Price:RM2,899

JP Price:RM1,486.16(JPY46,900


Fanatec – Csl Elite Steering Wheel Mclaren Gt3 v2

Start on your racing journey with the entry-level steering wheel compatible with both PS4/5 and Xbox!

Licensed by the renowned racing brand McLaren, it meticulously replicates the dimensions, switches, and paddles of the GT3 race car, alongside a dual-clutch paddle system and multifunctional analog paddle.

MY Price:RM1,900

JP Price:RM817.54( JPY25,800)


Fanatec – Button Caps and Sticker Set

Customize your steering wheel with a range of buttons and symbol stickers in different colors to create your unique style! The sticker material is fingerprint-resistant, ensuring that your wheel maintains a fresh and clean appearance.

MY Price:RM238

JP Price:RM126.75(JPY4,000

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