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Top 4 Popular Bubble Masks for Deep Pore Cleansing and Getting a Radiant Skin!

6th February 2024

To regulate your skin, face masks are undoubtedly one of the essential skincare products for your daily routine! Recently, many brands have introduced different bubble masks, allowing tiny bubbles to penetrate deep into the pores to eliminate impurities. Some even offer moisturizing and skin-repairing effects, achieving a dual purpose of deep cleansing and skincare! Here are the top 4 popular bubble masks that are perfect for restoring youthful and hydrated skin!

Popular Bubble Face Masks Recommendation

THE SAEM Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask

With Tahitian black pearl extract, natural papaya enzymes, and pearl powder, this face mask injects fresh oxygen into the skin, expelling aging waste and simultaneously clearing out dirt from the pores, leaving the skin smoother and more radiant.

MY Price (Proxy Shopping):RM81

JP Price:RM56(JPY1,760)

VT COSMETICS -  Cica Bubble Sparkling Booster

VT COSMETICS Cica Bubble Sparkling Booster 10pcs

Clean your pores and remove excess sebum with this mask! Their exclusive patented ingredients CICALIAO and CICAHYLON which contain cica extract and 3 types of Hyaluronan, strengthen the skin barrier without drying them out.

Not available in Malaysia.

JP Price: RM45(JPY1,400)

C.COLLA -  Carbonated Bubble Mask Trial 2 x 3pcs

C.COLLA – Carbonated Bubble Mask Trial 2 x 3pcs

Ranked No.1 on Rakuten! Formulated with 9 beauty ingredients such as chamomile and aloe vera, this bubble mask features a high concentration of 30,000ppm carbonic acid to help remove deep-seated skin waste.

For optimal results, use 2-3 times a week, with better effects during a bath. Limited to one purchase per person only!

Not available in Malaysia.

MY Price: RM47(JPY1,480)

su:m37° -  White Award Bubble-De Mask

su:m37° – White Award Bubble-De Mask

4-in-1 Bubble Mask! Formulated with NAPS, Japanese yam, Brazilian berry, and purslane extracts, this mask offers a gentle and hydrating texture.

It effectively removes dirt and exfoliates aging keratin while helping to delay aging caused by UV rays. Also improves skin barrier and restore brightness.

MY Price (Proxy Shopping): RM159

JP Price: RM118(JPY3,690)

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