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2024’s Hottest Taiwanese Drugstore Beauty Brands! Unlock 11 Budget-Friendly Picks Now!

12th April 2024
2024's Hottest Taiwanese Drugstore Beauty Brands! Unlock 12 Budget-Friendly Picks Now!

When traveling to Taiwan, visiting a drugstore is a must to snap up all kinds of beauty products including makeup and skincare. Many Taiwanese brands are popular yet affordable, and you’re able to save extra with limited-time deals!

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Table of Contents

12 Top-Rated Taiwanese Drugstore Brands

Dr. WU

12 Top-Rated Taiwanese Drugstore Brands

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 1. Dr. Wu

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 1. Dr. Wu

Founded by a well-known professor of dermatology Wu Yingjun, this Taiwan clinical skincare brand was the first to combine dermatology with aesthetic technology. Dr. Wu is committed to develop high-performance professional skincare for all skin conditions.

💡Limited Offer: New products Up to 20% off, with April promotions offering a free PERFECT COVER HYDRATING DD CREAM (LIGHT) for purchases over TWD 2,500!

Mandelik Daily Renewal Serum 8% 15ml

Mandelik Daily Renewal Serum 8% 15ml

Designed for dry and sensitive skin, this new 3-acid peeling formula is mild and non-irritative tested!

Mandelic acid is regarded as the “timeless renewal” to all skin types, which is a popular treatment used across aesthetic clinics.

MY Price:RM135

TW Price:RM88(TWD599)

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 3. TRUU

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 2. TRUU

The facial wash from TRUU has been trending recently as it was raved by Taiwanese youtuber “Zhong Ming-xuan”! The brand’s mission is to return to the true self and fall in love with the real you, offering skincare that doesn’t use any harmful ingredients.

💡Limited Offer: Enjoy a special buy one get one free offer, plus gifts, coupons, or a tote bag with qualifying purchases!

76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser

76 Probiotics Amino Purifying Cleanser

Infused with 25% Japanese amino acid and 51% probiotics, here’s a gentle cleanser without soap, irritant that will deeply cleanse away dirt while improve skin absorption!

MY Reference Price:~RM185

TW Price:RM159(TWD1,080)

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 4. 23.5゚N

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 3. 23.5゚N

The brand uses local Taiwanese plants as raw materials, without the use of artificial colours and alcohol! It has become a new favourite among Taiwanese girls. Its moisturising masks are becoming popular, which are said to be effective in relieving skin irritation and redness.

💡Limited Offer: Enjoy Mother’s Day discounts of up to 33% off, plus gifts with qualifying purchases!

Rice Soothing Active Moisturizer 100mL

Rice Soothing Active Moisturizer 100mL

The no.1 bestselling classic gel mask! Added with yeast concentrate for better skin absorption, soothe any redness or discomfort! Suitable for dull, red, sensitive and normal skin types.

Not available in Malaysia.

TW Price:RM100(TWD680)

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 5. Neogence

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 4. Neogence

Neogence specialises in skincare products for Asian skin. With its unique features of using ingredients of high concentration, high purity, high absorption in skincare, the products will improve your skin problems quickly and effectively!

💡Limited Offer: Get double points for member purchases and receive a free 2ml Cica & B5 Repairing Serum with every order!

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence 30ml

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence 30ml

Highly concentrated 1% hyaluronic acid helps to increase the skin’s moisture content, keeping the skin hydrated all day long. Suitable for sensitive skin as it’s gentle and non-irritating!

MY Price:RM279, currently out of stock

TW Price:RM194(TWD1,320)

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 6. AirealLand

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 5. AirealLand

AirealLand is a counter-level skincare brand that focuses on the budget. The brand insists on not using animal ingredients or experimenting on animals, hoping to create skincare products that can be used on all skin types while protecting the environment!

💡Limited Offer: Enjoy a 5% discount on orders over TWD2,000 and receive a canvas tote bag on orders over TWD2,888!

New Skin Cleansing Lotion 120ml

New Skin Cleansing Lotion 120ml

gentle, high concentration of 35% amino acid-based face cleanser that doesn’t make your skin feeling tight! It helps to clean away dirt from pores.

Not available in Malaysia.

TW Price:S$41.17(TWD980)

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 7. Naruko

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 6. Naruko

Founded by Taiwan’s beauty guru, the concept of “what’s inside the bottle is more important than what’s outside the bottle” is to create Asian skincare products for different skin ages and conditions.

💡Limited Offer: Enjoy 25% off anti-aging series, a TWD588 coupon, and gifts with qualifying purchases!

Tea Tree Shine Control Blemish Clear Toner 150ml X 2

Tea Tree Blemish Clear Make-up Removing Cleansing Mousse 150ml X 2

This cleanser uses amino acid-based ingredients offering superior cleansing power and improve skin clarity. It removes minimal make-up without leaving stickiness after washing.

MY Price : RM90

TW Price:RM60(TWD409)

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 8. TKLAB

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 7. TKLAB

Founded in 2010, this is a not-so-new lifestyle brand from Taiwan. Formerly known as Prof. TK, the brand offers a wide range of products including skincare, health food, essential oils and even sanitary pads. Products are affordably-priced, almost all are under TWD1000!

💡Limited Offer: 40% off select sets, plus TWD499 off with code on orders over TWD2,499!

VEPTight Firming Cream 30g

VEPTight Firming Cream 30g

Recommended by the famous Taiwanese Variety Show Dee Girl’s Talk, it’s anti-aging cream that tighten and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and bouncy!

Not available in Malaysia.

TW Price:RM144(TWD980

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 9. TTM

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 8. TTM

As a world-class mask specialist, TTM is particularly stringent in the research and development of biofibre masks! Using pharmaceutical grade manufacturing, each sheet mask allows the essence to be fully absorbed into the skin and enhancing its effectiveness.

💡Limited Offer: Enjoy up to 40% off on masks!


Super Fiber Intense Hydration Mask 3Pcs

This mask sheet is made with long-fibre weave that is super-absorbent! Infused with mushroom extract to strengthen skin’s protective barrier and lock in moisture for renewed, moisturised glow!

Not available in Malaysia.

TW Price:RM28(TWD189)

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 10. heme

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 9. heme

A makeup brand emphasizes on 100% Taiwan designed and produced, with no animal testing! These effetive yet affordable products are designed with gentle ingredients to create flawless skin and makeup in a simple way.

Six Colours Eye Colour Palette 9g

Six Colours Eye Colour Palette 9g

A multi-coloured palette with eyeshadows in 4 textures: velvet matte, delicate pearl, shimmering glitter and metallic . Comes with mini brushes for on-the-go!

MY Price:RM64

TW Price:RM44(TWD299)

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 11. Solone

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 10. Solone

Solone is a renowned Taiwanese cosmetics brand, offering a wide range of high-quality, colourful make-up products. Quality is so important to the brand that Solone develops all of the products in Taiwan!

💡Limited Offer: Popular makeup sets at up to 20% off, makeup tools at 15% off, and second nail item at 50% off. Plus, gifts with qualifying purchases!

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 11. Solone

Solone Customized Soufflé Sponge Finger Puff 15mm X 2 Pcs

The bestselling mini makeup sponge that has a high-density, with an airy, soufflé-like surface for flawless foundation or concealer application, even around the eyes!

MY Price:RM30

TW Price:RM18(TWD125)

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 12. 1028

Taiwanese Drugstore Brands 11. 1028

Being one of the bestselling makeup brands in Taiwan, 1028 offers makeup tailored for Asian women’s skin type and complexion! Nutritious ingredients are added to 1028’s products to care for skin even with makeup on – feel confident from the inside out!

1028 15th Anniversary Glitter 4 Pcs Set

1028 15th Anniversary Glitter 4 Pcs Set

A Taiwan Watson’s Exclusive Set that includes NOTM Eyeshadow Palette Wheat, Dew Block! Ultra Lasting Setting Spray, Infinity Longwear Liquid Eyeliner, and Eyeshadow Brush.

Not available in Malaysia.

TW Price:RM118(TWD799)

💡 Note: Product prices, quantities etc. may change due to sales. All subject to change. We do not own any of the pictures above nor affiliated with the brands mentioned. All credits are due to all of the brands featured in the article unless otherwise specified.