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Discover LOWRYS FARM, niko and …, and More at dot st~

22nd April 2024
Discover LOWRYS FARM, niko and …, and More at dot st~

If you’re into Japanese fashion, you’re likely familiar with brands like LOWRYS FARM, niko and…, Global Work, all part of the Adastria Asia group! With over 30 leisure and fashion brands under its wing, the group sells on dot st (.st) and is popular among the youth. Even though these brands have stores worldwide, shopping in Japan is usually the most cost-effective.

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Table of Content

Global Work
niko and…

Popular Brands at dot st



Lowrys Farm embraces simplicity in its designs, incorporating seasonal trends to naturally highlight a girl’s sweet charm. With budget-friendly prices, it’s a favourite among young Japanese girls.

LOWRYS FARM: Mesh Polo Shirt

Mesh Polo Shirt

Made from breathable mesh fabric, perfect for layering over a tank top or wearing on its own. Available in orange, black, and blue!

Not available in Malaysia.

JP Price:RM152.8(JPY4,950)

Global Work

2. Global Work

GLOBAL WORK, a popular and affordable Japanese brand, is beloved for its “natural, comfortable, and eco-friendly” style. For girls who love Japanese fashion, GLOBAL WORK’s designs offer a playful mix-and-match charm unique to Japanese styles!

Global Work: Lightweight Casual Pants

Lightweight Casual Pants

This season’s essential! The slightly roomy fit, and cropped length make it a versatile piece that complements any outfit or style. Choose from 11 colours for endless styling options.

Not available in Malaysia.

JP Price:RM139.2(JPY4,510)

niko and...

3. niko and…

“niko” symbolises your unique personal style that no one else will know, while “and…” represents various possibilities for extension, aiming to create a one-of-a-kind trend. Alongside its clothing line for all genders, the brand also serves as a diverse household and stationery goods paradise!

niko and...: Animal Print Reversible T-shirt

Animal Print Reversible T-shirt

New arrivals from the popular animal series! This shirt features different logos and animal prints, with lightweight fabric that’s comfortable to wear even during summer.

Not available in Malaysia.

JP Price:RM152.8(JPY4,950)


4. Heather

Just like LOWRYS FARM, Heather specializes in women’s apparel. Their style is sweet and feminine, blending designs full of personality, making basic items easy to mix and match for various styles. If you love versatile fashion, you must check it out!

Heather: Japanese-style Sundress

Japanese-style Sundress

Featuring two layers, the outer layer is adorned with lace for a simple yet elegant look. It can be worn alone without an undergarment and paired with jeans for a super cute outfit.

Not available in Malaysia.

JP Price:RM288.6(JPY9,350)



PAGEBOY’s clothing revolves around the themes of COOL, MODE, and STREET, offering modern outfits for both men and women. With a stylish aesthetic and tailored fits, it’s a brand to note for girls who like a neutral style and guys who prefer a cool look!

PAGEBOY: Fashionable Knit Top

Fashionable Knit Top

Made from three-dimensional knit fabric, this top embodies a neutral style that’s easy to wear. It has a smooth and comfortable texture, suitable for both genders!

Not available in Malaysia.

JP Price:RM305.6(JPY9,900)

💡 Note: Product prices, quantities etc. may change due to sales. All subject to change. We do not own any of the pictures above nor affiliated with the brands mentioned. All credits are due to all of the brands featured in the article unless otherwise specified.