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Shop Gentlewoman from Thailand Online and Ship to Malaysia! The Popular, Affordable Fashion Label You Must Have

23rd May 2024
Shop Gentlewoman & Ship to Malaysia! The Popular, Affordable Fashion Label from Thailand

Want to discover some niche fashion brands for high-quality yet stylish fashion items? Gentlewoman from Thailand is one of the most talked-about brands since last year! It offers a wide range of clothing and accessories including the trending canvas bags and shoulder bags – even Thai celebrities are using Gentlewoman’s tote bags!

Gentlewoman items are difficult to find in Malaysia with no official store. The best way to shop is from Gentlewoman Thailand official online store for authentic, complete selection of items that aren’t available locally! Save on international shipping cost when you shop from Thailand and ship to Malaysia hassle-free with the help of Buyandship’s parcel forwarding service!

Find out how to shop with our shopping guide, with must-buy Gentlewoman styles for you!

Table of Contents:
What is Gentlewoman?
Best Styles to Shop from Gentlewoman
Tutorial : How to Shop Gentlewoman from US & Ship to Malaysia?

What is Gentlewoman?

Launched in 2018, GENTLEWOMAN is an affordable fast-fashion brand that is based in Bangkok, Thailand. The brand aims to empower all forms of femininity, beauty, and individuality, and encourage women to be confident with their designs.

Gentlewoman’s tote bag is one of the most popular items from the brand, which is easily recognizable by the signature big logo printed on the front!

Best Styles to Shop from Gentlewoman

Gentlewoman Tote Bag

One of the most popular items from Gentlewoman, seen on the lead actress in the Thai version of ‘Meteor Garden’!

The bag features a large logo on front which gives a French aesthetic. It’s roomy enough for all your essentials and more!

Gentlewoman Top

The tops feature Gentlewoman’s logo on front for that simple yet classic style. Perfect to wear even during hot days as it’s not too thick!

Gentlewoman Dresses

Crafted from high-quality fabrics, the brand offers a range of options, from classic shift dresses to flowy maxi dresses. Each dress showcases attention to detail, with subtle yet impactful elements like unique cuts and thoughtful embellishments.

💡 Note: Product prices, quantities etc. may change due to sales. All subject to change. We do not own any of the pictures above nor affiliated with the brands mentioned. All credits are due to all of the brands featured in the article unless otherwise specified.

How to Shop Gentlewoman from Thailand & Ship to Malaysia?

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Step 1

Go to Buyandship website to log in or register as a member.

Step 2

Fill in your first and last name, email address and set your account password. Click “Sign Up” once details are completed.

Gentlewoman Thailand Shopping Tutorial Shopping Tutorial 2: Regsiter as Buyandship's member

Gentlewoman Thailand Shopping Tutorial 3: visit website and browse

Step 3

Visit Gentlewoman Thailand official online store.

You can start browsing by categories, or search for a particular product on the search bar!

Step 4

If you wish to add an item into cart, click “Add to Cart”.

When you’re ready to checkout, you’re able to go to your cart by clicking top right corner as shown.

Gentlewoman Thailand Shopping Tutorial 4: add items into cart

Gentlewoman Thailand Shopping Tutorial 5: check out

Step 5

When you’re in the cart, double check the items you’ve added and click “on the blue button “Check Out” to proceed.

Step 6

Select Thailand as shipping country and contact number. Fill in your name with your BNS member ID, BNS Thailand warehouse contact number and address.

For warehouse address, go to “Overseas Warehouse Address” on your Buyandship member centre and view the information of Buyandship’s Thailand warehouse.

Scroll down to proceed.

Gentlewoman Thailand Shopping Tutorial 6: enter BNS Thailand warehouse address

Gentlewoman Thailand Shopping Tutorial 7: check out

Step 7

Click “Check Out” to continue.

Step 8

Double check items and shipping information below, click “Pay Now”.

Gentlewoman Thailand Shopping Tutorial 8: pay now

Gentlewoman Thailand Shopping Tutorial 9: enter payment card details and pay

Step 9

Enter your payment card details and click “Continue Payment” below to complete your checkout.

Ta-da! You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly!

Step 10

Remember to declare your shipments at your Buyandship member centre once you’ve received the shipping confirmation email from Gentlewoman TH!

💡Click to learn more about Buyandship’s Parcel Forwarding Process

Gentlewoman Thailand Shopping Tutorial 10: declare your shipments on Buyandship member centre after receiving Gentlewoman Thailand shipping email