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5 Must-Try China Makeup Brands That Are Budget-Friendly&High-Quality

4th June 2024
Save Up to 52% on 5 Must-Have Chinese Beauty Products on Tmall & Taobao!

When it comes to cosmetics, Chinese brands may not be the first that come to mind. However, in recent years, many domestic Chinese beauty brands have quietly become popular! Many brands have already entered department stores in Taiwan and Japan, and have become popular among local influencers. If you’re looking to stay on trend, you should definitely give them a try!

If you are purchasing from Tmall or Taobao with a Malaysia address, some products may display “This product is not supported for sale in the current region”. However, don’t worry, beauty lovers! Now you can also successfully purchase your favorites using Buyandship’s China shipping service!

💡Set your default address to the Buyandship Shenzhen warehouse address to successfully add items to your cart!

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Top Picks in Chinese Cosmetics
Taobao Shopping & Shipping Tutorial

Top Picks in Chinese Cosmetics

Flower Knows - Unicorn Embossed Blush

Flower Knows – Unicorn Embossed Blush

Once endorsed by LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Miyawaki, Flower Knows is renowned for its exquisite packaging and high-quality products.

Their Unicorn Blush, a fan favorite, features an embossed design and comes in shades that deliver a radiant, plumping effect, reminiscent of Nars blushes!

MY Price:RM107

CN Price:RM51(CNY79)

AKF - Double Eyelid Tape

AKF – Double Eyelid Tape

This social media hit ultra-thin (0.07mm) tape boasts a natural, skin-like finish that even lasts through showers! Made with premium Japanese materials, it is available in 4 shapes for various eye types for flawless double eyelids.

Not available in Malaysia.

CN Price:RM21(CNY32.9)

WOSADO - Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

WOSADO – Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

Ditch messy glues! These innovative lashes utilize advanced soft magnetic technology to seamlessly adhere to your natural lashes, creating a realistic, eye-enhancing effect with a variety of styles to choose from.

RM Price:From RM125

CN Price:RM84(From CNY129)

FLORTTE Beauty - Lying Silk Worm Pen

FLORTTE Beauty – Lying Silk Worm Pen

A must-have tool for creating natural-looking aegyo sal (臥蠶)! Featuring a 0.005mm Japanese-imported brush tip and a smooth, even applicator, you can achieve beautiful, defined aegyo sal that lasts all day.

Sold Out in Malaysia.

CN Price:RM19(CNY29.9)

Timage - Three-color Contour Palette

Timage – Three-color Contour Palette

Founded by makeup artist Tang Yi, TIMAGE is taking YouTube by storm with its Asian-friendly contour palettes! Their 3-color palette with soft shades & highlighters, helping you sculpt natural bone structure for a flawless, elegant look.

You will find the latest collection, extra free gift offers on China flagship store.

💡 Note: Product prices, quantities etc. may change due to sales. All subject to change. We do not own any of the pictures above nor affiliated with the brands mentioned. All credits are due to all of the brands featured in the article unless otherwise specified.

Taobao Shopping & Shipping Tutorial

Step 1

Go to Buyandship website to log in or register as a member.

Step 2

Fill in your first and last name, email address and set your account password. Click “Sign Up” once details are completed.

Step 3

Visit Taobao (make sure it is mainland China region!), and register as a member with the button in the red square. 

Taobao Shopping & Shipping Tutorial 3

Step 4

These pages can be also translated to English at the top right of the page. Fill in all the relevant details and enter the verification code, that you’ll receive as a text message.

Extra tip: If you are using Google Chrome, it’s very helpful to use the Google Translate Extension. It translates whole web pages instead of only words and phrases. Use Simplified Chinese, like Taobao and its sellers, all use simplified Chinese.

Step 5

You can either browse through the different categories or use the search bar. If you want to use the search bar, remember to enter what you are looking for in simplified Chinese in order to get the best search results!

After you’ve entered a word, in this example we’ve chosen “dress – 连衣裙”, you can optionally filter your search of brands, material and more (best to use google translate for that) and you can sort them by using these sorting tools:

  • Comprehensive sorting: Sorts search results according to an average of the following parameters.
  • Popularity: Sorts search results according to their page views.
  • Sales volume: Sorts search results according to their number of sales.
  • Reputation: Sorts search results according to the reputation of sellers from customer reviews and ratings.
  • Price: Sorts search results according to price, from high to low or from low to high.

Taobao Shopping & Shipping Tutorial 5

Taobao Shopping & Shipping Tutorial 6

Step 6

Click and choose your desired items!

A great indicator of the quality of an item is the number of recent transactions, which are shown by the grey numbers next to the prices. Free Shipping is mostly only applicable within China, but perfect, that means you can ship for free to our China warehouse!

Step 7

We used Chrome Translate for this page, and the translations for price, size, color etc. are pretty clear! You can choose to either “Buy item now” or place it in your shopping cart, and continue shopping through Taobao!

Taobao Shopping & Shipping Tutorial 7

Taobao Shopping & Shipping Tutorial 8

Step 8

Before you purchase an item, always check the reviews below! Click on “Pictures” to see reviews of customers who inserted pictures to get an even better idea of the quality and look of an item.

Step 9

Whether you have chosen ‘Buy Now’, or decided to shop a little more and Checkout through the Shopping Cart, you will land on the same Checkout page.

Then you simply fill in the address and other delivery information, remember:

  1. Choose “中国大陆” (Mailand China) as the region.
  2. Choose >> 广东省 >> 深圳市 >> 宝安区 >> 福永街道 (in English: >> Guangdong Province >> Shenzhen City>> Bao’an District >> Fuyong Subdistrict)
  3. For warehouse address details, go to “Overseas Warehouse Address” on your Buyandship member centre and view the information of Buyandship’s China warehouse.
Taobao Shopping & Shipping Tutorial 9

Taobao Shopping & Shipping Tutorial 10

Step 10

Scroll down to review your order, and press the orange button to proceed to payment!

Step 11

After you’ve received a tracking number by Taobao, please go to “Parcel Management” at Buyandship and declare your parcel!

💡Click to learn more about Buyandship’s Parcel Forwarding Process

Taobao Shopping & Shipping Tutorial 11