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Top 2024 Deodorants: Mentholatum, GATSBY, Deonatulle, QB and More!

21st June 2024
Top 2024 Deodorants: Mentholatum, GATSBY, Deonatulle, and More!

In the scorching summer, dealing with body odor after sweating can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. To help combat this issue, we’ve gathered six highly recommended deodorants from our members, including Deonatulle Antiperspirant Stone/Deodorant Cream, GATSBY Ice Deodorant Body Wipes for men, and Mentholatum Deodorant Stick. Perfect for those particularly worried about sweat and odor!

Top Recommended Deodorant and Antiperspirant Products

Deonatulle Soft Stone Double Color Control 2-Pack

This colorless, odorless deodorant stone contains natural alum to prevent sweat and odor while improving underarm skin tone. Its direct-apply design ensures long-lasting dryness without staining clothes, making it incredibly convenient.

MY Price:RM118

Japan Price:RM63(JPY2,156)

Deonatulle Sara Sara Deodorant Cream 60g

The top-selling antiperspirant deodorant brand for 7 years! This refreshing, odorless, unscented powder deodorant cream can be directly applied to odor-prone areas like underarms, neck, and back. It quickly absorbs to keep skin dry and comes with a handy sample pack for convenience.

MY Price:RM133

Japan Price:RM31(JPY1,078)

GATSBY Ice Deodorant Body Paper 30 Sheets x 3

Amazon exclusive! Designed for men, these body wipes are made from 100% natural pulp, soft and durable, effectively removing sweat and odor. They provide a refreshing cool sensation with a fresh citrus scent, perfect for hot summer days.

Not available in Malaysia

Japan Price:RM33(JPY1,117)

Mentholatum Refresher Deodorant Cream 55g

This unscented deodorant cream features a high-adhesion formula that keeps underarms dry and fresh for 24 hours. It thoroughly disinfects and inhibits bacteria growth, preventing body odor even after intense workouts, ideal for men.

Not available in Malaysia

Japan Price:RM26(JPY908)

QB Medicated Deodorant Stick 20g

Made in Japan, this high-efficiency deodorant is designed to combat body odor and has strong antiperspirant properties. Free of fragrances, dyes, and preservatives, its natural plant formula is gentle and safe for all skin types, and its compact size is perfect for on-the-go use.

Not available in Malaysia

Japan Price:RM58(JPY1,980)


This aluminum-free natural deodorant not only absorbs sweat and eliminates odor-causing bacteria but also moisturizes delicate underarm skin, improving softness without clogging pores. Enjoy lasting freshness with tea tree, eucalyptus, and mint scents.

Not available in Malaysia

UK Price:RM113(GBP19)

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