Top 10 Product Promotions in Rakuten Japan and Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide

Getting stuff from Japan has never been easier! As you all know, Rakuten is one of the biggest E-commerce websites in Japan that provides you, basically, everything you need from clothing, homeware, beauty, electronics, and more! Check out our top 10 recommended products inside with a step-by-step online shopping tutorial so, you can easily buy your favorite Japanese goods products at the comfort of your own couch at home! Discover the world of Rakuten Japan and have it shipped from Japan to your home in Malaysia via Buyandship~

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Buyandship’s Pricing Option: RM26 Per Pound Delivery Duties and Taxes Paid

Buyandship’s BIG Announcement is here! We have worked on this very hard, listening to our members, and created a NEW solution to address some problems regarding convenience and savings. With this new pricing option, it means you can manage your shipments better and purchase more on your Wishlist for 2021! Save more money on higher value items if you use our DDP Pricing Option! Click inside to learn more

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[T-Mall ★ Taobao] Complete Guide for Taobao and T-Mall! Featured Brands and Sale Event Dates!

Introducing how to use “Taobao” and “Tmall”, one of the largest online shopping malls in China! In case you didn’t know, both “Taobao” and “Tmall” belong to the Alibaba group, and the purchase method is the same, but there are actually some differences.

Some people may ask an agent to shop on these sites, but in fact, if you use freight forwarding service, you can easily and affordably get your favorite products from Taobao! !! ♥ Taobao and Tmall are all Chinese sites, so it may be a high hurdle for beginners to buy individually, but this article has summarized tips on how to buy on the Taobao site! If you want to know how to buy at “Taobao”, click inside to learn more!

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Calling All K-Pop Fans! How to Buy From Weverse Korea and Ship it to Your Home via Buyandship

Ever wonder about buying BTS or other K-Pop Group’s Merchandise directly from South Korea without the expensive international shipping fees? Don’t worry, we got you! If you’re an avid K-Pop Fan, you probably heard of Weverse Shop, it’s an app where you can join your idols’ official fan clubs and buy your favorite artists’ official merchandise. Artists in their lineup include BTS, GFriend, Seventeen, Tomorrow x Together, and more.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to buy directly from Weverse Korea straight to your home at the lowest shipping rate, ever!

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How To Shop at Taobao – Shopping Tutorial

Taobao is full of amazing deals and affordable must haves, from clothing, accessories, electronics, to home ware goods, there is nothing you can’t shop at Taobao.♥ If you also want to shop at Taobao, this handy step by step shopping tutorial will help you! We will walk you trough browsing, purchasing method and the best thing: with Buyandship you can ship everything to our China warehouse!

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