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Smelling good and feeling fresh for the whole day is everyone’s dream. That’s why choosing the right product and scent are some of the keys! We’re pretty sure you are familiar with Bath and Body Works. Bath and Body Works is one of the biggest most popular bath shop chain from the US. The have a wide range of bath and beauty products, including body wash, body butter, body lotion, hand soaps, body scrubs, lip care, candles, and much more! They have a range of their regular scent to launching new scents according on the seasons. With over 100 scents (to this day), we’re going to show you our favourite products and scents. Warm Reminder: Please note that aerosols (including body mist) and flammable products (including hand sanitisers and any fragrances) are not allowed. Max 2 items under 100ml (per item) are allowed. If you wish to purchase candles, please kindly note..

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