Beautyblender launched Skin Tint to its Makeup Line

We’re 100% sure you—especially makeup junkies—have heard of Beautyblender before. Their original egg-shaped makeup sponge has become many people’s lifesaver when it comes to blending your makeup. The texture and shape make it so easy to apply and achieve seamless makeup result, including reaching into hard areas like eyes or nose. Not only that, it save people a lot of money by the amount go foundation they use! Beautyblender has recently launched new product—skin tint—to its BOUNCE makeup line. This buildable medium coverage skin tint will not only give you a natural radiant finish, but also hydrate your skin! BOUNCE Skin Tint is currently only available at Sephora US and their other products are relatively cheaper than Sephora Malaysia! Go ahead and check them out now.

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