Price Comparison: BRITA Style Water Filter Jug

Water is an essential part of our lives and consuming the right amount daily can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. But do you really know what goes on inside of your water? Filter out impurities from your water with the sleek and innovative BRITA Style water filter jug, ideal for the modern kitchen or home. The jug uses the brand’s new MAXTRA+ filter with MicroFlow technology, which claims to reduce impurities to leave great-tasting water for drinking, brewing tea and coffee and preparing meals. It also has an innovative traffic light indicator that gives a clear warning on your MAXTRA+ cartridge life. Sounds like something you need in your life? The BRITA Style (with one MAXTRA+ cartridge) will set you back RM219 if you buy it in Malaysia.  Enjoy savings of up to 33% off when you purchase the exact same model from Amazon UK. You can own the..

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