We Got Your Back!

With lots of sitting around these days as most of us are driving, or involved in some kind of office work, we tend not care so much about posture and thus, be less kind to our back and spine! So let us help you help your back by suggesting some products that we found that won’t break the bank and won’t break your back! 1. BackJoy SitzRight Wedge This “cushion” is designed to help you sit with better posture, alleviating fatigue and discomfort. This product will help you fix your sitting posture, so that it is less stressful for your back and spine. 2. Lourdes Massage Cushion One of the joys about going into a FrancFranc shop is to try the cute but so comfy cushion massagers. They come in a variety of colours and depending on how big or small or which part of the body you want to..

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