Shopping Tips with Buyandship: Overseas Warehouses

Making an online purchase from overseas can be expensive, especially when you’re shopping from multiple countries. We at Buyandship make it easier and safer for you with our overseas warehouses. Currently we have a total of 9 overseas warehouses, which are located in United States of America, England, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Australia. Why is this an advantage, you ask? This means you can shop from most online stores in these countries and not worry about incurring multiple international shipping charges! And more often than not, delivery is free if our warehouse address is located within the same country. This is how you can save on your delivery fees while shopping from overseas websites. After your parcel is declared and delivered to any one of our international warehouses, we will automatically ship it to our centralised warehouse in Hong Kong before the final delivery to your..

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