Fukubukuro / Mystery Bags 2020 Listing

The New Year is coming and you know what that means? It’s Fukubukuro or Lucky Bags time! If you’re new to the concept, Fukubukuro or Lucky Bag is a Japanese New Year custom where stores and merchants make grab bags or mystery bags filled with random contents. Most of the time, the bags are worth 50% more than what you’re paying — you may even luck out and get a super rare item in the mix! And these days, the concept of Fukubukuro isn’t just limited to Japan. More e-tailers outside of Japan are also joining in the fun and offering Lucky Bags to celebrate the New Year. Here’s some example of some lucky bags on offer, if you still don’t get the greatness of this! Not sure of where to start? Don’t worry, Buyandship has your back! We’ve curated our favourite 2020 Fukubukuro / Mystery Bag offerings, all for your..

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