Shopping Tips with Buyandship: Overseas Warehouses

Online shopping overseas can be both rewarding and stressful, especially if you’re making purchases from multiple countries. The international shipping fees will add up, but your bank balance isn’t multiplying like your purchases. What if we told you that Buyandship could make it easier and more sustainable for your wallet (and sanity) to shop all over the world? When you sign up with Buyandship, you will instantly get access to all nine – yes, you read that right – of our overseas warehouses, covering most major shopping destinations. This includes the US, UK, Australia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Thailand, China and Hong Kong! Log in to your Buyandship Malaysia account, and you’ll find the addresses on your Member Center.   But how do I use the addresses? Each of our warehouses has a designated address that Buyandship Members can use while they shop online overseas. All you need to do is determine..

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