Taobao Loves Pets!

Taobao is a haven for many things – pets not excluded! We’re so happy to see that there are so many pet shops on Taobao and you are never short of choice and most are super budget friendly! Let’s have a look at some of the nicer things for our furbabies that will make it love you more!! Don’t forget to sign up with us to get access to our China warehouse and you’ll be on your way to win more of your furbabies’ love! 1. Four Seasons Rattan Pet Bed (For Cats and Small Dogs) Rattan adds a touch of class to any home, and who says your pet furniture has to cramp your style! This shop also stocks up pretty neat cat trees and cat toys available from this vendor! 2. Pet Umbrella With the rainy season upon us, it’s getting more and more difficult to get our..

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