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Graniph Japan, a Substitute Brand of Uniqlo? Shop Graphic T-shirts from These Fun Collaborations!

24th October 2022
graniph japan

If you’re looking for unique and fun graphic T-shirts, then we have found the perfect shop for you! Graniph is a Japanese clothing brand that specialises in graphic T-shirts with different collaborations with popular anime, cartoon and video games. You can find good-quality, original designs with reasonable prices here – the brand is similar to Uniqlo in terms of quality and special collaborations. If you like Uniqlo, then you probably would be interested to explore Graniph! With new designs released every month, the official website is easy to navigate – all you have to do is translate the website with Google Translation Tool and you’re good to go!

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Popular Collaborations by Graniph Japan That Might Interest You!

control bear

Control Bear

Graniph launched a product line with the theme of Control Bear, featuring a cute bear which looks innocent and creates a playful image of pulling up its own head. It may look scary but in fact the artist is trying to convey a message through this image: “You are in control of everything and don’t let anyone control what you do or force you to be someone you are not”.

control bear
control bear

Products:Unisex clothing, Home Products, Tote bags, Accessories

Price Range:JPY 400 – 8,900

mcdonalds graniph


Being a well-known global hamburger restaurant chain, how can you miss out on this fun collaboration with McDonald’s! Apart from classic graphic designs around McDonald’s hamburgers and fries, Graniph also included designs around its unique characters such as Ronald McDonald and Grimace! Check out the collaboration if you like burgers and fries!

mcdonalds graniph
mcdonalds graniph

Products : Unisex clothing, Tote bags

Price Range:JPY 2,200 – 11,000

tom and jerry graniph

Tom and Jerry

Another classic comedy anime in which Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse are chasing each other all the time and playing around – it has become a well-loved cartoon around the world! If you’re a fan of Tom and Jerry, you should check out these fun and unique designs by Graniph that will guarantee a laugh!

tom and jerry graniph
tom and jerry graniph

Products : Unisex clothing, Baby clothing, Bibs for baby

Price Range:JPY 880 – 6,900

doraemon graniph


Doraemon – a childhood fantasy, is a cartoon about an earless robotic cat named Doraemon who travels back in time from future to help out a boy named Nobita Nobi; surely everyone knows Doraemon can pull out dreams from his 4D pocket on his tummy! If you love Doraemon, this collaboration is for you! You can get original Doraemon-themed T-shirts and tote bags from Graniph! 

doraemon graniph
doraemon graniph

Products:Unisex clothing, Kidswear, Tote bags

Price Range:JPY 2,500 – 7,900

dragonball graniph


Dragon Ball is a Japanese TV anime based on Akira Toriyama’s manga, which has been extremely popular and gained lots of appreciation from fans around the world over the years. With humorous and fun characters such as Goku, Bulma, Oolong and Yamcha, you will definitely enjoy these clothing with cute graphics! Apart from unisex t-shirts, you can get accessories like caps too!

dragonball graniph
dragonball graniph

Products:Unisex clothing, Accessories, Tote bags

Price Range:JPY 2,500 – 11,000

How To Shop and Ship With Buyandship?

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💡Step-by-step Tips for Shopping on Graniph:

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Step 2: Select your size on product page and click Add to cart!
But bear in mind that particular collaborations are exclusive and only available in Japan – this means you may need access to Japanese VPN in order to add specific items into your cart!

Step 3: Access your shopping cart through clicking shopping bag icon on top right corner!
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Step 4: You can either register as a member, or continue as guest and continue without registration

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