Register as a Buyandship member and obtain our overseas address!

  • Register as a member before shopping (click “here”)
  • Upon registration, you can access the overseas warehouse address and your membership ID
  • our Facebook page to get latest discount information


Start Shopping!

  • Please go to Membership Centre > Overseas Warehouse Addresses to obtain related warehouse address
  • Fill in our overseas warehouse address as the shipping address and your name and membership ID as the receiver during checkout.
  • You can fill in your credit card billing address or our overseas warehouse address as the billing address


Declare Your Package

  • After receiving the tracking number and shipping courier details by your online retailer, you can declare your parcel on our website
  • Enter the tracking number and other information here “Click here to add a new shipment” through our membership center
  • Please declare your parcel before it arrives at the oversea warehouse, as undeclared parcels will not be shipped to Hong Kong.



  • The shipment will be delivered to our Hong Kong warehouse before it will be delivered to Malaysia as instructed
  • When the package has arrived at our Hong Kong warehouse, we will inform you directly via email.
  • Please contact us if your package status has not changed after 48 hours when the package has arrived at our Hong Kong warehouse
  • Delivery fee will be calculated based on the sum of the chargeable weight
  • When you are ready to receive your parcels, you can merge the packages into one and add your address in Malaysia
  • When consolidating multiple packages into one, the parcel may be repackaged with no extra charges
  • Choose to pay by Buyandship Points / Credit Card Payment
  • Delivery fee needs to be paid before the package leaves our Hong Kong warehouse, otherwise the package will not be sent to Malaysia



  • Expected time of delivery to HK warehouse: US & UK within 4-6 days / Japan, Korea, China within 2-4 days
  • We will send out your package within 1 to 2 days upon receipt of your “Consolidated Shipping” request and payment
  • Home Delivery to your address takes about 2-4 working days, but in case of customs inspection the time of delivery may be delayed

Cut Off / Shipping Time

  • Packages arriving from our overseas warehouses will be checked out as soon as possible
  • When the delivery status of the package has changed to “Check Out”, it means that the package has been arranged for delivery to our HK warehouse
  • Arrival time will be postponed by global public holidays
  • Delivery Dates are as follows: 5 times a week, every Tuesday to Saturday MYT
    • US Warehouse: 5 times a week, every Tuesday to Saturday MYT
    • UK Warehouse: 2 times a week, every Tuesday and Friday MYT
    • Japan Warehouse: 5 times a week, every Tuesday to Saturday MYT
    • Korea Warehouse: 5 times a week, every Monday to Friday MYT